Call of Duty: World at War Launch Trailer

Prepare yourself to engage in the chaos of battle on November 11th, when the Call of Duty: World at War (COD5) video game ships for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and DS.

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JeffGUNZ4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Call of Duty; world at war, is Call of Duty 3 with Call of Duty 4's engine. The beta is a disappointment. I can't put my finger on it, but something just doesn't feel right, doesn't feel like CoD4, and no, I am not talking about it being WWII and old weapons. There is something with the gameplay that I can't quiet figure out. Anyone else feeling me?

AngryHippo4050d ago takes whats good about COD4 and improves upon it. The first review from PSW (Playstation World) gave it a 10/10, so it must have done something right. I subconsciously did not enjoy it when i first played the beta, think it was the whole WW2 thing, felt kind of a step backward but after a few matches i loved it, prefer it to COD4 now, flamethrowers ftw =0)

Monchichi0254050d ago

I think this is gonna be a HUGE disappointment!! They needed to make a TRUE sequal to Call of Duty.

Apocwhen4050d ago

Good, don't buy it then. Leave it for others to enjoy.

goflyakite4050d ago

Such an awesome trailer, can't wait.

crematory4050d ago

but i try the beta on my friend house it was really nice for me better than R2 competitive , just give it a rent than decide ,u wont regret it

xlx-russ_924050d ago

suck an excellent trailer. i gotta rent it 1st, then buy it