What I Hate About Electronic Arts

Jimmy The Greek writes, "Quality of Games. This might be a mute point with the recent statement made by John Riccitiello saying they will ax at least one title a year. Now I've gotten that out of the way, let's find a particularly raunchy floating turd on the list of shittiness.

Superman Returns. I love the Man of Tomorrow just as much anybody, if not more, and there hasn't been a single good game with Superman in it. It's a testament to their arrogance to think they could actually make one. They tore a page out of the book of Spiderman 2, who tore a page out of the book of GTA, and tried to make it an open world game... based solely in Metropolis. This is a serious design flaw to begin with. I'm going to flex my nerd muscles and say Superman is the protector of Earth and a decent portion of the galaxy, but add shitty graphics and character models, physics problems, repetitive fighting, and no real distinguishable threat to Supes and you have a recipe for tripe.

You know what? I can stop right there. They've released several good games and milked best selling franchises but when I think of EA published games, I think of the broken buggy pieces of shit they've released based on movie franchises. The games that take great movies and in a blatant dick move, ruined my memory of them...."

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bgrundman3637d ago

I could not agree more!!!

CrAppleton3637d ago

I don't know about that. I do think the quality has gone down quite a bit.. But I wouldn't go as far as to say they are becomeing buggy pieces of sh*t..

vitz33637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Of course you couldn't agree more. It's an article your website wrote. Quit shamelessly plugging your blog on N4G.

bgrundman3637d ago

Why do the EA games not run as well on the PS3 anyway?

Pebz3637d ago

I guess it's because they spend as little resources on the ports as they can, in order to maximize short-term profits.

I doubt they could care less about their reputation, most people who buy games probably don't visit game news sites anyway.

bgrundman3637d ago

Sadly, you are exactly right! I hope that they will start to focus on making the games on equivalent systems, just that... equivalents.

killyourfm3637d ago

What a gross generalization. Tiger 09 runs buttery smooth, as does Dead Space and several others.

dodo1013637d ago

its from rage against the machine

killyourfm3637d ago

I'm usually in line with Jimmy's articles, but I have to disagree on many levels here. So many levels that it would take a counterpoint article which I lack the time for.

1st: Yes, Superman Returns was almost the E.T. of our generation :-) But it was so many years ago that most modern gamers have forgotten.

2nd: You may want to consider hating the average gaming consumer instead of Electronic Arts. Quite simply, if millions of people didn't keep buying the yearly Sports Franchises, EA would stop making them. Food for thought.

And as a quick aside: Tiger 09 was the first golf game I've ever played, and I was instantly hooked, to the point that I'm actually interested in the sport now.

3rd: What do you think funds the more innovative titles from EA like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge? Titles like Madden, titles like the idiotic kiddie games that we hate (but they sell).

I could go on Jimmy, but I actually have 3 enjoyable EA titles on my desk waiting to be played...

NOTE: I will say this, EA's customer service is atrocious.

JimmyJames703637d ago

In regards to the Tiger Woods franchise, I actually started playing 07 in 09 and I don't regret it. I got it for dirt cheap and from what I understand, it's basically the same game as 09.

I'm just about ready to upgrade to 08 as soon as I get an offer for 07. And then eventually I'll move up to 09.

I'll play all the versions, but on the cheap, I won't drop $60 for them year after year.

You're absolutely correct in blaming the fans for keeping EA in business. EA would not release the games if people didn't buy them.

Jimmy the Greek3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

i write incredibly biased ignorant articles. i know there are quality ea games out there but i like to focus on the bad for the sake of entertainment. i will likely own mirrors edge because it offers a fresh breath of innovation to a genre plagued with halo imitators and i own and thoroughly enjoy rock band.

in their defense, since they hired riccitiello, they have really started to turn things around. this is a retrospective of the poor quality of games they were attached to for the past decade.

in all seriousness, id really like to read youre counter article. shoot it my way if you get the time, its always nice being challenged intelligently. i think they call that a debate.

JimmyJames703637d ago

In regards to the sports games, I thought I read somewhere that EA was considering a subscription model to update rosters and so forth, so it seems like they are open to new ideas.

Going in the direction of DLC might be better, that way you're not sucked into automatically paying a subscription fee, but you can pay for only what you want.

Jimmy the Greek3637d ago

i guess i havent seen that article but it would be the best thing for the customers.

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