The 10 Best Video Game Movies of All Time

Detective Pikachu is definitely up there in terms of best video games movies, but what about other ones that were actually decent?

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CobraKai936d ago

I’ve seen all those movies, I think some are there by default. And where is Street Fighter?!? Raul Julia owned what is one of the best movies of all time period.

PhantomS42936d ago

Detective Pikachu one of the best? Well, don't need to read anymore to know this is trash. DP was an absolute nightmare fueled lazy crapfest. Not to mention the plot was predictable from the first trailer and the gaping plot hole ruins the already awful movie. The new Tomb Raider too? Come on guy, the porn parody is a better Tomb Raider than that.

FalconofLucis98935d ago

There arent even 10 cause they literally all suck