Quantic Dream Talks Giving Up On PlayStation Exclusives

According to David Cage the Quantic Dream NetEase partnership means the French studio can self-publish and develop more than one game at a time.

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AngelicIceDiamond1789d ago

Somewhat flamebait title. Hes basically saying he wants to do one or more projects at a time and want to self publish just like Remedy. They're not giving up on Sony they're just going multiplat from here on out.

Neonridr1789d ago

hence he's giving up on exclusives.

S2Killinit1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

“Giving up” implies things didnt go well. While we know that they are now in a better position because of those exclusives. Hence the ability to self publish.

Furthermore, since the exclusives worked out well, perhaps going multiplat does not rule out future PlayStation exclusives.

The Wood1788d ago

Maybe just saying he's free from only making exclusives. They have teams. It's not a false dilemma so they can do both multis and exclusives to whoever they choose.

timotim1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )


"“Giving up” implies things didnt go well."

😄😄😄No it doesn't! If it didn't go well, they would have said that...they didn't. It says "giving up on EXCLUSIVES"...this is what they gave up on. Not that the exclusives they did do didn't pan out well, just that they are no longer interested in exclusives for Sony only.

"While we know that they are now in a better position because of those exclusives."

They are in a better position now because they make good games that resonate with gamers, not because they were exclusive. If they made their games for even more platforms before, they would have sold even more games...this is most likely the reason for doing so now.

"Furthermore, since the exclusives worked out well, perhaps going multiplat does not rule out future PlayStation exclusives."

Could be...but I would assume the NetEase partnership would play a role there. What I am sure of though...however easy is it to do exclusives for Sony in the future...it would be equally easy to do exclusives for any platform holder or publisher.

Gwiz1788d ago

But Heavy Rain is exclusive now on EGS on PC.

rainslacker1788d ago

it's a term that isn't appropriate unless the dev themselves stated it. Giving up makes it seem like making them was difficult, and never once have they implied working with Sony was difficult.

They aren't giving up on exclusives, and nowhere did he imply they were. Just that they wanted to go multi-plat and self publish. They're taking a new route for the future, while this title tends to put a negative slant on what was actually said.

bouzebbal1788d ago

I have a feeling quantic is making a huge mistake.. Heavy Rain performed so well because it was an exclusive.. It took advantage of the ps3 architecture and made something unique with amazing graphics. Gamers are always interested in exclusives, cause they generally take good is of the hardware.
I truly believe this is a bad move.. Starting with Sony could guarantee a multi million seller everytime. Good luck..

S2Killinit1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

The phrase “giving up” implies that the developer has thrown in the towel, at the very least it implies that they abandoned exclusives because of some difficulty, that they wished to continue but they couldn’t so they “gave up”. This also implies that they will never be able to make exclusives. Therefore, the phrase “giving up” is misleading as none of this happened.

Instead, they are simply making multiplats. Which doesnt rule out the possibility that they will also make exclusives (for anyone as you emphasized, but most likely for PlayStation due to a successful history of making exclusives with them)

Sevir1788d ago

Working on multiple projects at a time does not mean giving up on exclusives... Insomniac is working on multiple games at a time but they've produced exclusive games from that multiple projects production line

shuvam091788d ago

Thank God....
That money would be much well spent somewhere else...
David Cage games bore me to death...

Unspoken1787d ago

Quantic is pursuing bigger dreams. Love the thumbnail.

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Jin_Sakai1789d ago

“They're not giving up on Sony they're just going multiplat from here on out.”

Which means giving up on PlayStation exclusives just as the title states.

AngelicIceDiamond1788d ago

He never mention one time about giving up on PlayStation exclusives, HE never said that. David mentions going multiplat and his new business approach which lead to no more exclusives, title is misleading. David Cage never explained giving up on Sony exclusives as the title mentioned. But he explains why hes not exclusive anymore. Again the title should read "QD dreams explains why they're multiplatform now" thats a better title.

sprinterboy1788d ago

@all above comments
Giving up in the UK means quitting, or can't be arsed. But I think its a healthy move from a business stand point, I mean some will be multiplat, plus the odd game here or there will be MS or Sony.
Plus isn't this like a baiting of Sony and MS as a come get me in terms of 1 studio will make the multiplat game and the 2nd studio will be a exclusive to whom pays the most for the exclusive?

StrengthInNumbers1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I know the fanboys are sensitive when it comes to exclusivity so I can see why you'd call it "flamebait" but the title is accurate.

AngelicIceDiamond1789d ago

Excuse me? The title just sounded a little funny. The title would sound better if it said " QD talks reasons for going multiplatfiorm" I'm not a fanboy watch your mouth.

StrengthInNumbers1788d ago

lol relax. I wasn't calling you a fanboy. I haven't said a word, maybe I should watch my fingers.

harmny1788d ago Show
rainslacker1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Wouldn't a more appropriate title reflect what the dev said....something along the lines of "QD talks why they went multi-plat". Which is what the quote in the article actually does.

Giving up is a negative spin on an otherwise positive movement for the dev. It puts the article into the console war fray by the title alone.

Hence, click bait. Click bait can be true statements, and sometimes are, they're just taken out of context for the purpose of the article.

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n1kki61788d ago

Yes, exactly, in this case the title is completely accurate, what else could be assumed?

hulk_bash19871788d ago

These are certainly interesting times. I wonder if we'll see more PS Exclusive games going to the PC in the future. This may be their attempt at testing the waters, who knows. Anyways, I hope these QD games sell well. They're great games and more people should experience them.

BehindTheRows1788d ago

There is no testing of the water from Sony, given their in-house games will remain PS exclusive and they’ve already had a few of their properties by 3rd party companies on the PC.

This is simply a Quantic Dream thing, based on the investment from NetEase.

hulk_bash19871788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Sony owns the trademarks for Beyond and Detroit so it wouldn't have happened unless Sony agreed to it.

CobraKai1788d ago

The title is totally misleading, for those who don’t click on the link, the article’s title is

“Quantic Dream Want To Self Publish And Develop More Than One Game At A Time”

Sure one of QD’s goals is multi platform games, but so is self publishing.

The person posting the article put their 2-cents in, which is unnecessary.

gamer78041788d ago

No the title is provocative, but it is true, you are just saying the same thing in different words. The title says they are "giving up on sony exclusives", which is 100% true.

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ApocalypseShadow1789d ago

Good luck Quantum. Enjoyed all your games.

Breaking News: Sony buys Super Massive and tells them to take their time making games and not rush them or try to juggle multiple games at once.

First game announced for PS5 is Until Dawn: Spring Break Beach House Vacation. More news as it comes in.


0hMyGandhi1788d ago

I'd love for them to buy Super Massive.

LoveSpuds1788d ago

Yup, I personally think Super Massive are better at this kind of game than Quantic. While I enjoy Quantic Dreams games, Imalways foundcthem to be a little pretentious at times. I am looking forward to Man of Medan.