Two Perfect Examples of the Problem Sony Has

Over the past month we have had a glut of excellent titles come out for the PS3. Deadspace, Bioshock, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, and Fallout 3. Resistance 2 and LBP in particular simply cannot be played to their full potential without the required accessories. So we took our already thin wallets down to the local gaming store and spent an additional $90 picking up the PS3 Eye and official PS3 Bluetooth headset.

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HighDefinition3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Is deciding WHEN to drop the price. :)

IMO the only reason they haven`t is because MS should have sold DOUBLE by now, but the HARDWARE problems have PREVENTED that from happening. In a way, it bought Sony some time to drop the price as much as they would like to. I still think they will before Xmas, but thats me.

Death3660d ago

They are already selling the PS3 for the same price as an Xbox 360 Elite. They have scaled back the hardware and reduced the MSRP by $200 which is twice as much a reduction as Microsft has made. Sony launched much higher and this is the result. If Sony cuts their price even more, they are increasing the amount of losses per system sold. If they increase their losses and sell more consoles in the process, they lose even more money. Sony is selling the amount of systems they want right now. At this point in the hardware cycle it is all about controlling losses.


snakebite363660d ago

and awesome games that they don't advertise.

Darkseider3660d ago

Complaining about $90 for a webcam and a wireless headset... Hmmmm....

$56 for the wireless XBox headset
$33 for the XBox webcam

Holy crap!! $90! This article is nothing but troll bait and spew.

Horny Melon3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

@ Darkseider:

Your comprehension skills are pitiful. It is not about the price, not once was there any complaint about price. Nor does Xbox have anything to do with it. It is about sony making one excellent product and then the next one is total garbage. About how this inconsistency and the undeserved "we are Sony and that makes us premium" mentality will no longer work with the consumer and will not put sony where it wants to be.

RFA next time.

Darkseider3660d ago

Ooh I read the article and that's what I got out of it. It points out, in the first paragraph, that some games cannot be played to their full potential without those accesories. It then goes on to mention the cost of said accessories. Finally, while giving the headset some kudos and the webcam none the article closes saying that Sony is charging a "premium" for these products. I dare say a PREMIUM would be twice that of the competiton which Apple does for its' Powerbook Pro, iMac, etc... What Sony is charging is the equivalent price as I mentioned in my initial post. So yes I think I have a very good comprehension of this sh*t article. Now go try again and skip the bowl of failios before you do.

Horny Melon3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Sony makes more than the PS3. It makes TVs, car stereos, home theater systems, etc. All of these are premium priced. Sure Sony's webcam is just as much as microsoft's but that doesn't mean anything. Microsoft has a $100 60 gig harddrive. I got a web cam of comparable quality for free when I bought my PC. I also got another one for free when I signed up with my ISP and a rebate on a third when I bought my wireless mouse. You are the one trying to turn this into some sort of fanboy argument, otherwise you wouldn't be inserting microsoft into the conversation.

HighDefinition3660d ago

Just to let you know.....

I`m fairly sure you can use the 360cam for the PS3 to videochat.

Horny Melon3660d ago

up if you could use another webcam on the PS3. You can, wish I wouldn't have thrown away all those free ones last year.

HighDefinition3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Almost any webcam works w/ the PS3. It`s great, even though PSeye is the best one, IMO.

Jager3660d ago

So you bought a 60GB harddrive for 100 from MS? Well, that reeks, cause i can buy 500GB Western Digital or SeaGate Internal Harddrives for my PS3...

Darkseider3660d ago

Yes they do make TVs, Car Stereos and Home Theatre systems. They are priced accordingly and not near premium priced. Sure you can get a comparably sized Westinghouse or Vizio LCD TV and you get a lesser quality unit with a lower contrast ratio, faded blacks and a lower max viewing angle. You got a free webcam when you bought a PC and? Did the PC cost $399? You are not making a point as much as you are all over Sony for charging a fair price for their products. You just mentioned a $100 60gig HD from MS, I am assuming that is to point out that they charge a premium as well? I am not trying to turn this into anything but merely pointing out how the article comes across to me. I am sure that it's not just me that reads it this way either.

mikeslemonade3660d ago

If you add up the not "necessary" things for 360 it would cost a lot more. Out of those games I only bought Resistance 2 and LBP for a total of $98 thanks to gamefly. The other games I rent thanks to gamefly. The PS eye I got for free, but if you don't have the connections to get one for free Amazon had a deal for $25 recently. And the bluetooth headset you don't need the 1st party $50 headset because the PS3 is awesome enough to be compatible with almost any kind of bluetooth headset.

ohnoTheRancor3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

well - if Sony has to be "cheap" on any products, i'd prefer it to be on the length on the USB charging cables, and not.... ummmm, say.... other things like substandard heatsinks, poor solder joints, or bad console chipboards!

Why o why3660d ago

has cost MS and their customers more.

xwabbit3660d ago

LMAO 100 bucks for 60 GB's ? I can get a 400GB HDD for my PS3 for the same price

Seraphim3660d ago

actually, $90? This guy got jacked!! Where'd he go Gamestop? Sure the headset is $50, or $60 w/ Socom or you can always just buy a Motorola or other Bluetooth for $20 or less now... The eyetoy you can find for about $30 or less online w/ or w/o Eye of Judgment. I got my eyetoy last week from for $22 because it was their Deal of the Day.

And as someone else pointed out. The same exact things cost you just as much for the 360 if you want them. And for LBP you don't need a eyetoy to play the game or create levels. It's just a tool that allows you to throw craptastic photos into your levels.... Garbage article if I ever did see one. :P

Pennywise3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Take horny melons bubbles and quit approving his articles. After this one, I would be happy never to read his thoughts again.

Eye = $24.00
Cam = $63 with socom - Take socom back for -$40 = $23.00
Total = $47.00

Horny you fail on so many levels.

XxZxX3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

horny melon, the person who get it wrong is you.

Why? because your argument is like buying a AV receiver and complain it doesn't come with a IPOD dock, buying a LCD TV and complain it doesn't come with a wallmount,buying a speaker and complain it doesn't come with a stand. buying a cellphone and doesn't come with a bluetooth headset. buying a car and complain it doesn't come with turbo system to live it up to it's full potential.

Conclusion, it is quite simple actually, you do not understand the word "ACCESSORIES".

Ju3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I was just gonna say. Is this an advertising for stupidity ? I mean, get Socom and Eye of Judgement for about $100. Camera and Headset for about the same price, and basically 2 games for free. (BTW. You can play any online game with the camera's build in mic instead of the headset).

And, if you don't like Socom, try Warhawk+Headset (not the official one, but not bad either).

RussDeBuss3660d ago

To enjoy 360 games to full potential you need to spend another £50 on xbox live, every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

memots3660d ago

If you have a PSeye you don't need a bluetooth headset.

The Pseye has a built-in mic and that's the only mic you need.

This article is again something that gets approve here @ N4f : News 4 Fanboy .

prowiew3660d ago

why is it every article has to be a fanboy troll?. This guys is just posting his experience with ps3 accesories. He didnt went and try to buy 360 things!. Point is, he doesnt need to talk about 360. Only fanboys want a comparison between systems on every article.

y0haN3659d ago

Ya Microsoft is perfect.

Paying for online, RRoD, Paying for wireless, masses of racist morons on the microphone.. no thanks.

phosphor1123659d ago

I got a 320G HDD for my ps3 for 86 bucks, plus shipping making it around 95 USD.

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Pennywise3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Jason 360

We are naming things wrong with the xbox, right?

Maxned3660d ago

Too many good games...

Pennywise3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Maxned we are talking about the 360, not the PS3 man... keep up.

EDIT: I forgot to add Blurr1111111 to that list.

R&C was a good game. Haze, not so much... but that isnt sony's fault - 3rd party flop.

BLUR1113660d ago

like what ratchet & clank or haze?? umm no the XBOX360 he was talking about

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No Hard Disk

No BluRay

No Rechargeable Controllers

BLUR1113660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Play and charge kit for 360.

No blu ray for game installs and bad frame rate and slow development and delays for games.

and Hard disk STFU

elorm93660d ago

You gotta buy the P&C thing seperately. We get to charge our controllers straight out of the box

NickIni3660d ago

You forgot:

No built in Wireless adaptor, and at £60, it's a ridiculous rip off.

Costs to go online

ultimolu3660d ago

Here we go again.

HighDefinition3660d ago

More drama than a Soap Opera!

ultimolu3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

...*pulls out a bag of popcorn and hands you some*
Lol @ the disagrees.

Seriously, people need to knock it off already. The PS3 bashing needs to end.

GWAVE3660d ago

@ ultimolu

But when your system keeps Red Ringing, the quality of your exclusives is dropping, Blu Ray keeps eating more of the market, Microsoft keeps nickel-and-dimeing you, and the PS3 keeps increasing in market share, you HAVE to bash in order to keep yourself sane. Either that, or use arbitrary review scores and Metacritic to "prove" that your system is superior.


Jamie Foxx3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

the lead on the pseye is long due to eye of judgement and its stand...

SaiyanFury3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Just a little person view here but...this is the first complaint I've seen about the PS Eye. I have one myself and it's always worked just fine for me. I stand it on top of my 61" DLP and sit back on my couch and it captures images just fine.

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LiquifiedArt3660d ago

But i use the PSEye mostly because its easier to use. Mostly for Casual Play. I just make sure my game volume is low and my VOIP volume is high (to hear other people).

Works great for me.

ThanatosDMC3660d ago

Yeah, whoever wrote the article is a bias and ignorant. If he just wants to talk and take advantage of the camera. He should just get the PS3 Eye since it works extremely well for talking. I use it rather than my bluetooth especially if i forgot to charge it or if im using it on my phone instead.

This guy is just trying to find some fault.