Halo Wars Release Announced for February 2009, Collector's Edition Detailed

Today Microsoft announced Halo Wars will be hitting shelves in February of 2009 as well as the juicy details on all the goodies to be found in the title's obligatory collector's edition.

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Le-mo4048d ago

Hm...Killzone 2 comes out in the same month. Coincidence? I think not.

OminaeYu4048d ago

That killzone 2 would release at the same time as halo 3.. that was the plan then killzone 2 got delayed by 1.5 years. i guess halo wars will have to do then lol.

should be interesting though

sonarus4048d ago

Halo wars the next flop for the 360...Killzone 2 shall destroy it:)


FPS vs RTS - most gamers play FPS over RTS on a console so im guessing that even if Halo Wars turns out decent it will be overshadowed somewhat.

Then again if the brand name of 'Halo' can entice people into playing RTS's on a console then thats all good......