Gabe drops Half-Life 3 hints during Valve Index party, because of course he did…

To be fair, it's probably more fun trolling about Half-Life 3 than actually trying to make it...

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Apocalypse Shadow116d ago

Unless it's on Steam to buy or the retail store shelf, no one cares what he says or trolls about it anymore. Even the three VR games they said they were making are vaporware until you can buy them.

They seem to care more about profits from Steam and Enterprise over making games anymore.

sander9702116d ago

One of those "VR games" was just a portal themed tech demo for the index not even joking.

BongSmack114d ago

That portal themed tech demo came out in 2016. The 3 games that are supposedly in development were announced almost a year later. Evidently it's not one of the 3 games.

sander9702114d ago

@BongSmack No that's the old one I'm talking about the new portal tech demo for the index called "Aperture Hand Lab".

Fluttershy77116d ago

Really? they care more about profits? Who would have thought that?

UltraNova116d ago

Wait until Epic starts eating up on those profits and we'll see if Lord Gabe orders production of HL3 or not.

rainslacker116d ago

What if it ended up on the EGS? Thatd be one hell of a troll.

HeisenbergX116d ago

"They seem to care more about profits from Steam and Enterprise over making games anymore" LMAO dude you just figured that out now ?

Larrysweet115d ago

Its ok epic fixing crush em let em keep playing

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Gwiz116d ago

Kind of reached the point of no longer caring lol,there are projects on steam regarding Half Life remakes.

AnubisG116d ago

Half Life 3 exclusively on the EPIC store.

Kostche116d ago

ha ha, was going to write that, until i seen the post you done

pietro1212116d ago

I stopped caring. Does Valve even develop games now?

ButtAnihilator116d ago

They've been silent because of the valve index. And they said becore that there's a new game coming out for it that's gonna be from one of it's flagship franchises, so this time it might be for real.

harmny115d ago

They made artifact and it failed hard. And they made dota underlords. But auto chess is crap to me

ButtAnihilator116d ago

You can't mess with my feelings like that, man.

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The story is too old to be commented.