GTA Vice City: The Magic of a Great Soundtrack

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's toe-tapping 80s soundtrack remains one of the best in video game history. Why does it stand out so much? Let's dive into the magic of the music.

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520d ago
Sophisticated_Chap521d ago

All of the GTA games have had great soundtracks, but GTA Vice City was certainly the best.

stokedAF521d ago

The setting in general is awesome. 80s Miami was the business.

Patricko521d ago

I really hope Rockstar will do another GTA in the 80s.

King_Noctis521d ago

Or another L.A Noire. But by the rate that Rockstar produces game right now, I doubt we’ll see any of those soon.

nucky64521d ago

that would be f#cking awesome!

Muzikguy521d ago (Edited 521d ago )

There are have been so many articles over the years talking about this exact thing. And with good reason. This was my favorite GTA and the theme is what made it so great. I would love if we had a Vice City 2 some day (another 80's game)

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The story is too old to be commented.