Dose: Fallout 3 review


"Sadly, the game's main quest storyline falls short in a lot of ways and is vastly inferior to the rest of the game. Essentially, your character is trying to find his father, who has wandered off into the wastes for mysterious reasons. Sounds compelling enough, right? Unfortunately the plot works like this: you follow a clue to a new place looking for the next piece of info, there's an obstacle before finding it that requires you to fight your way through tons of ghouls, mutants and raiders, you find out the next clue, rinse, repeat. Variation would have been nice and much of your blasting and exploring seems like filler meant to stretch the game out. Even Fallout 3's endgame is anti-climactic at best and at worst, totally WTF? What saves things is exploring the rest of the world removed from your quest. It's like the real game begins after the main quest is over.

While there are some "issues" with Fallout 3 that prevent it from being perfect, the game's top notch creativity and almost infinite playability make it a must-have for any serious gamer."

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