Sony to send Home beta invites soon

Sony has already picked "loyal" European community members to join the PlayStation Home beta, and will send them invites when version 1.0 of the virtual world goes live.

"Your next question is, 'How do you decide who gets picked?' and we had a couple of plans on how that was going to be done and my boss is away so I cant ask him which one he chose (yes, we've picked the names already and no, I'm not going to reveal the list)," said TedTheDog, Home community manager, on the European PlayStation forum.

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Pennywise4052d ago

Quit dragging it out and release it already.

thor4052d ago

What have they done by dragging it out? Answer: they have redesigned the Home square, added a couple of spaces and a bubble machine. Wow so much content. I personally believe that Home, when it comes out, will not be used by many people at all and that number will drop off rapidly. It's kind of like the (unfortunate, yet inevitable) online death of games - only far more rapid because there's no fun to be had in Home and very few features.

DavidMacDougall4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

It will be nice when this comes out but i dont wana be in the beta

thor4052d ago

Have fun waiting until next year.

DavidMacDougall4052d ago

I never said i was waiting, one day ill turn my ps3 and there will be an update

thor4052d ago

Fair enough. It would be nice if it just came up on a software update one day and turned out magically to be awesome. But we'll see...

Kleptic4052d ago

the forum has an intersting thread related to how the R2 box states 'home support' IG employeed stated that 'R2 party and game launching will be supported in Home by November 18th'...

so what is November 18th?...that is most likely not applying to the current closed beta, as no game launching is available yet...another blog posting on the PS blog has November 18th as the week after qore subscribers get into the beta...and also a rumor for FW 2.6, which adds a lot of 'video upload' features to the xmb 'and applications'...

maybe that is when Home finally gets the features the gamers want...there are also rumored reports of the full open beta, which is said to have all the features the true release of home will have is in December...who knows...but something is about to bust in relation to home, maybe it finally will be delivered...

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thor4052d ago

Think about it everybody - how is Home meant to build up a large community when most people won't even know it's there to download (what with it being in beta form and all). Most of my PSN friends won't have/use the Home open beta when it comes.

cellypower4052d ago

Good! you don't like it thor,but I want to try it out for myself.Home will grow with time- its not gonna be a instant hit.

LoVeRSaMa4052d ago

Thats like saying, how did sony give out 10,000 LBP Beta keys?

More people know about PlayStation Home then LBP, and thats people who camped websites Just to get into the Beta for LBP.

Home Is Massive, you can pretend you dont want it, but if Sony offerend it you now, you would be on you knees like a biatch.

kapedkrusader4052d ago tell me, he got his invite. I've been in Home for a while, but it's nice to have more friends in it.

ghostface4052d ago

Hopefully all get a home invite soon.

Drano4052d ago

I'd just like to know. I feel like shooting HD stuff.

Jump Beyond.

DJ4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

That game is making me completely rethink my FPS strategies. All the stuff I could do in Halo and Call of Duty just got tossed out the window.

Hard game, but amazing nonetheless.

Edit: I got invited just by Registering my Console and Games at You need to be part of Playstation Underground, which sends you constant offers through email, like discounts, new releases, or beta invites.

Dread4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

i also play halo and call of duty.

however, i am still on the fence with killzone 2

(please be gentle people, Guerrilla in my opinion has not proven themselves as developers, and i am not a graphic whore, its all gameplay for me.. so back of Sony defense force)

Your comments are very interesting. Can you give me an honest and non fanboy assessment , i mean an opinion as a fPS fan like you seem to be. I really want this game to be good, but.... need some non fanboy reasurance


poopsack4052d ago

dread you want an honest answer? take mine into consideration. Many know I prefer the PS3 but still respect the 360, I think Halo is a great Multiplayer game because frankly I think the campaign has always been dull. So moving on to Killzone 2 here we go. You said u care more about gameplay, so let me give a quick mention at Killzone 2's graphics, they rock. Now as for the gameplay, everything is as cinematic as it gets for a shooter, the pace seems great, you have customizable controls, the weapons sound great and the mo-cap responses of the helghast getting shot just drag u into the game further. The cover system in first person has never been done before and it works great. The scripted events such as blowing a building to pieces, blowing a bridge to pieces, watching a helghast soldier stalk down one of your friends and being able to save him, those small moments ive seen seem great. of course these are all just impressions I have from only seeing. Singleplayer and multiplayer seem great, graphics are top notch and so is the action, and it actually revolutionizes the FPS genre so I think its a good package.

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The story is too old to be commented.