Is SEGA Playing It Too Safe With The Genesis Mini?

Hey Poor Player writes: "No doubt about it, the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini shows promise, but its recycled collection of classics is giving us a serious case of deja vu."

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Bigman4k114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Alot of people love some the games that are included with sega genesis mini me myself i like some of the games that comes with it but still I hope it sells well so hopefully that will make sega wanna do more like a sega dreamcast mini

dead_pixels114d ago

They absolutely do. But many of those same people (myself included) have likely bought half a dozen collections from Sega in recent years that feature half of the games included on the mini or more. It’d just be nice to see the company take a chance on a few more lesser known Genesis/Mega Drive releases. Monster World IV is a good start.

Bigman4k114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Yeah i would've like they had added mortal kombat 123,sonic 3d blast,bart's nightmare

CorndogBurglar114d ago

General Chaos, Haunting, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors would have made this a must-buy for me.

awdevoftw114d ago

Some great games on there, but I could've done without tetris and a few others. I would have loved to have seen the old renovation titles, some taito and data east titles as well. Earthworm Jim was great, but 2 was better. Altered beast was a waste, along with kid chameleon and a couple others. Overall, I was happy with their selection.

william_cade114d ago

I loved my Sega Gen. Spent a ton of hours playing. I wouldn't buy this.

Knightofelemia114d ago

I'd rather them recycle the games then have a bunch of Chinese knock off games thrown into the mix like the At Games machines have and most of those games are unplayable. I would have liked them to add Growl into the mix of games.

timotim114d ago

Honestly...I grew up on Sega consoles, starting with the Master System. I love Sega, one of the best game companies to have ever done it imo...but I'm not buying this Mini. Truth be a gamer currently in Microsoft's ecosystem...I don't really see a need to get this console. Personally, I think its great and the best Mini thus far, but I have way too many of these games already to warrant the purchase. I even have games on my X that's not in this collection, like Sonic 2 and Sonic and Knuckles. The other I will wait for Sega to release on Xbox in future collection packs.

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