Nintendo considering extending Switch Online library beyond NES

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has told shareholders the company is considering extending its Nintendo Switch Online library beyond the currently offered NES games to other legacy platforms. During the company's AGM, he also acknowledged the growing number of Switch redesign reports.

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_SilverHawk_1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Lol. I have a switch and everything about it feels like a scam. The ps vita that was released 8 years ago has a lot better features than the switch and the online is free and better. The nes library of games are worth probably five dollars in total or even less but Nintendo thinks its necessary to spoon feed its fans that rubbish library and charge for the games that people cant own. I still dont understand how people support all the overpriced games that are of lower quality and performance on the Nintendo switch. Nintendo should be selling at least 80 percent of their past catalog of games on its store from nes, snes, ultra nes, gamecube, Wii, and Wii u.

slate911813d ago

Nintendo has such a vast amount of past classics. You can't over expose them. What they're doing is keeping them in demand. If they released all of them at once it might interfere with the draw they bring to people. Just speaking from a business perspective.

Automatic791813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )


Not worth giving a "different perspective" most won't understand or appreciate. They will automatically dismiss and disapprove.

I am on opposite side of my comments above. I truly respect what you stated. Agree button clicked.

Thank you.

CorndogBurglar1813d ago

People won't understand that. If you release it all once people can't afford to buy everything they want. It's not rocket science.

slate911813d ago

@Automatic79 Appreciate the kind words. Thank you

JunMei1813d ago

While I disagree with that kind of approach, I agree with your comment, and it is indeed in their best interest. Holding it back on purpose can be used to gain sudden attention/sales when they determine it.

Indigon1812d ago

Trickle feeding it's called.

Glak181812d ago

Well Nintendo has been "trickle feeding" since the Wii...

I opened my wallet and said "Take what is necessary". Nintendo responded with "Naaaaah".

So I bought a Raspberry Pi with EVERY single Nintendo game made loaded on a MicroSD card and haven't looked back since.

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Sgt_Slaughter1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

The Vita also bombed hard and killed itself with terribly priced memory cards and a lackluster lineup outside of two to three genres that are niche at best.

Sirk7x1813d ago

It functions better as a PSP and PS1 machine than it does actually offer great exclusives. Although Persona 4 Golden in itself is damn near worth the price of admission. Best bet is to find one cheap that needs joystick replacements and do it yourself. Sony should have put more effort into supporting it, and getting more exclusives fit for a handheld market though. I have mine hacked, and even with the entire library available, there's maybe five games that interest me outside of the PSP and PS1 classics.

Rekkr1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Vita might have bombed but it still has superior online features than the Switch. That’s what he stated, Sales have nothing to do with what Psvita can do versus the limited online Switch features.

NiteX1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

First off, the Vita has zero features.... unless you call a rear touchpad a "feature". Second, everyone knows it's the games that matter. Vita never got any worthwhile exclusives.

BanginTunes7771813d ago

Vita had better online features than Switch like party chat and friend messaging, web browser and video apps, PlayStation Plus games each month and various PS1 classics available to buy. Exclusives are what matter but Sony's failed system offering things that Nintendo's successful one isn't, is disappointing. I'd play my Switch more if the games weren't more expensive on it than other systems

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CyberSentinel1813d ago

N64 was actually called the "Ultra 64" when it was in development.

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EddieNX 1813d ago

Key difference. Switch is amazing and has killer games, Vita was awful.

abovetheclouds1813d ago

Coming from the biggest Nintendrone on this site.

What a shocker!

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Sirk7x1813d ago

It's not awful, just underwhelming. Needed more good exclusives, fit for handheld gaming. People that want to play God of War and Uncharted are going to want to play those on home consoles instead, as they are meant to be cinematic experiences. Just doesn't translate well and seems unnecessary for a small screen.

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Knushwood Butt1812d ago

@ awd

Yeah, but the Switch versions are the best because they are portable.

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Angyobangyo1813d ago

Calling the Switch itself a scam is vastly unfair and downright silly. Their online service, yes is terrible compared the their rivals.

As great as the vita was, it failed regardless of how good and feature packed it was. The price set for 3rd games on the system are set by the publishers not Nintendo.

Why aren’t console games cheaper because they run at 30fps 1080p whilst PC can play 60fps+ at higher resolutions? You see how silly your argument about performance vs cost is.

I’ll agree with you that the monthly NES games are terrible and something that Nintendo needs to address.

TK-661812d ago

"Calling the Switch itself a scam is vastly unfair and downright silly. Their online service, yes is terrible compared the their rivals."

Well charging for online is a scam but he unfortunately left out the part where he is willing to be scammed if its for a different platforms benefit.

Sirk7x1813d ago

I'd like to offer some perspective please. It is very easy to emulate these games on a computer, but there some problems. One, emulation is not perfect by any means. Most emulators use high level emulation, which is basically hacking the game to force it to work. What you're playing is nowhere near hardware accurate concerning visuals, sound, what is actually going on with the code, etc. Many problems can arise, which could prove to be disastrous for a dedicated console. Glitches and crashes can cause damage, allow for exploits, etc. They all need to be tested and worked on, which costs time and money. Cycle accurate emulation, or something like 99.99 percent correct, is VERY resource intensive. To this day you still need a pretty beefy computer to run a cycle accurate emulation of a SNES game. Lots of the games on the VC in the past actually took a good deal of workload to release. Not only that, but then you run into licensing, publishing, advertisement, server maintenance, etc, which means that it could potentially cost the company more than they make to even release a SNES game if it doesn't sell well. The games have to run with little to no issues, they have to be released legally, royalties paid, advertised, everything. It's a whole different world from downloading a game illegally and then accepting inaccuracies with emulation. The Vita is a cool handheld, for sure, but it's already at the end of its life, and its library will be nowhere near what the Switch's will be in a few years. I have a Vita, but in 2019, I wouldn't recommend anyone buy one unless they planned on modding it.

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TheGamez1001812d ago

Man the vita was truly a great system. So ahead of its time. Horrible shame people couldnt see how great the system was. And here we have the switch that has much less features than its predecessor and even the psp lol. Sure its all about the games but how the hell do you not have these features in this day and age? The switches operating system should have just been the wii us but better. Instead of course nintendo takes more steps back than forward when they get the hardware right. Botw is literally the only game ive loved so far on the switch so its been collecting dust quite a bit. I dont want to pay for overpriced ports that are of lesser quality and indies arent my thing. Am excited for future first party games but the wait will be long.
And seriously, why in the world have they still not added in virtual consoles from the nes-wii u as buy to keep and not a subscription? And please for the love of god add more beyond nes to switch online at least. A switch mini soon will be great too. The switch is quite heavy and uncomfortable to play in handheld mode, so the size of the vita would be great.

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King_Noctis1813d ago

About time. Bring over the Wii/Wii U titles as well while you’re at it.

EddieNX 1813d ago

The NES games do have online multiplayer and stuff which is why they've probably taken longer.

But yes, bring everything to the Switch.

abovetheclouds1813d ago

"Considering" not "in the process of making it happen."