‘It’s not A Way Out 2,’ says Hazelight boss about their next game

From RPS: "Fold up your overalls, prisoner. We don’t know much about the next game from Hazelight, the studio who made co-op jailbreak ‘em up A Way Out. But we at least know it isn’t a sequel. “What I can say is that it’s not A Way Out 2,” said Josef Fares, studio head, when he spoke to me at Gamelab Barcelona. “But it’s going to be something with story, and in many cases remind [players] of Brothers and A Way Out, but in a very different way.”

So, another co-op game? Maybe. Fares wouldn’t say for certain, but he did leave a few vague breadcrumbs, amid his usual exuberant outpourings. He swore a lot, is what I’m saying."

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