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Format Mag: "Format Mag recently worked with Pushing Play to speak with representatives from five leading video gaming blogs (Destructoid, N4G, Videogamer, Joystiq, and That VideoGame Blog) to get a better idea of what people really think about the culture of gaming as it relates to art and fashion. From in-depth to trival (mostly trivial), we posted questions that would hopefully get tongues wagging; and boy did we ever open a can of worms. Check out the compiled answers below, hopefully the comments provided will give you, our valued reader, some novel insights into the world of hardcore gaming!"

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Syko4054d ago

Cuz' we're movin' on up! To the East side......


Why was I not chosen to represent N4G


I would like to hear his thoughts on the endangered species

Dmack794054d ago

Why didn't the interviewer ask Ken Mckown about the Xbot population?
I would like to hear his thoughts on the endangered species

I hope they mentioned me! :)

Nineball21124054d ago

Format: If you could makeover a video game character, who would it be and why?

Ken McKown: This is an interesting question, but I will take a shot at it. If I had to give a make over it would have to go to Link from the Legend of Zelda. I guess it is hard for me to buy his bad boy mentality when he wears tights. Perhaps give him some sweet gauntlets and a scar across his face to show his battle-worn face. Then give him a sweet tri-force tattoo and a trench coat.