Sarcastic Gamer's review of Fallout 3 reviews Fallout 3.

From the review: "I was born into a world, where I could choose what I would look like when I grew up. I could choose my skills. I lived in an underground nuclear fallout shelter. It was called Vault 101 and it was my home.

When I was ten, I had the best birthday party ever, until those older kid jerks started picking on me. One of them, a kid named Butch, tried to make me give him my birthday cupcake. Instead of giving it to him, I spit on it and then gave it to him. I had the best birthday ever.

A couple of years later, my father left, but I don't know why. In the ensuing chaos, I beat the Vault Overseer to death, in front of his daughter Amata. That was unfortunate, because I was totally going to ask her to the Vault prom too… I also convinced Butch to leave his mother behind as she was being attacked by radroaches. Served him right. I had held a grudge since my tenth birthday. Because of my actions, I was forced to leave the Vault forever. So began my journey into the Capital Wasteland and my life in Fallout 3."

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wallace10004046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I have to agree with the reviewer base on what i have played. I have heard that the ending isn't that great, but the rest of the game is awesome so far, so i can't complain. I am lvl 14 and have hardly touched the main quest because this game is an explorers dream. A great addition to the fallout franchise.