Exclusive: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii First/Third Party Game Attach Rate Exposed

Gamasutra: "As part of today's in-depth analysis of new Nintendo-published graphs on the state of the market, Gamasutra has calculated the attach rate (also known as 'tie ratios' -- the number of games sold per console) for both first and third-party titles on Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Made possible by Nintendo's release of its regular market analysis alongside a Japanese financial briefing, and adding detail on the Wii's ratios per month this year, Gamasutra's Matt Matthews explains his conclusions on the matter as follows."

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Fishy Fingers3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Not much in it, seems whatever platform they own people buy games for it. Shock horror....

InMyOpinion3660d ago

Yeah, only 360 owners buy a little more games than the rest.

canadascream3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

nevermind ;)

Poirot93660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

You silly goose! You do understand that, with an extra year of sales, the attach rate will inevitably be higher? In fact, the difference is far, FAR lower than I would have suspected.

I'm also surprised at the Wii's attach rate. So much for everybody saying how nobody buys games for it. Though I wonder if Wii Sports is included in the count, since it comes with every single console...

Ju3660d ago

You know, that for example if HW sales drop but SW sales remain constant (or keep growing linear) the attach ratio would go up, too? Just saying...implying nothing.

eclipsegryph3660d ago

The danger of being sarcastic in these situations is that sometimes it will come back to bite you on the ass and make you look like a fool. Like now, for instance.

From the article explaining the Xbox 360 tie-in ratio at 6.5 and the Wii and PS3 at 5.5 - "Keep in mind that the above figure is for the Xbox 360 after September 2007 and for the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii after September 2008."

So Jenzo's statement remains valid and true as the ratios were done using the same time period for each console. You silly goose you.

cherrypie3659d ago

Uhm, you mean a "little bit" like 25%?

You're talking 5.3 vs 6.8 -- more than "a little bit".

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faisdotal3660d ago

Well i wasn't expecting a good third-party attach rate for PS3, seems i'm wrong.

But 2009 will change this anyways. Well KZ2 will.

ReBurn3660d ago

A single game never turns the tide.

shine13963660d ago

I really want know to what psn, is making, in terms of revenue. I don't see why pr departments don't show those figures, surely the growths would be huge even if the actually number of software sold is possibly not.

thehitman3660d ago

This info is based on the first 23 months on the market..... Its going on PS3 third year and 360 4th I dont see how these stats are news worthy.

cheapndirty3660d ago

Ps3 was launched in 11/2006. This is current for the ps3. It is also current for the wii since that launched the same time as the ps3. The 360 is the only one that is not current. They cut it off at 11/2007-two years after it was launched.

Ps3 is BEGINNING its third year this month. It has not COMPLETED 3 years.

Gam713660d ago

You don't see them as news worthy as they don't tell you what you want to hear.

They worked it out in a way you wanted it but you didn't notice and your console of choice still came of worse and you came off as in defence mode.

thehitman3660d ago

@ cheap I said its going on ps3 third year I dont see how that statement is false as you said after this month it will be GOING ON ITS THIRD YEAR!

@gam71 what is my console of choice plz tell me what I was defending?

Ps3Fanboy7773660d ago

EXPOSED! Now deal with it! I dunno.

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