Old Gamers Never Say Die

Neil writes, 'I am what I would probably describe politely as "an experienced game". But to the outsider, that similarly aged acquaintance who is oblivious to the vast gaming universe we experienced chaps inhabit, I’m what they might well describe as an "aren’t you a bit old for video games" sort of gamer.

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Lon3wolf816d ago

I'm nearly 50 and will play games for as long as I can :), not fussed what others may think or say. Yes twitch games are out for me nowadays but plenty of great titles released all of the time to cater for all tastes.

BrianOBlivion816d ago (Edited 816d ago )

I'm 53 now and have been playing video games since they first came into existence. I still play pretty much whatever, whenever, every day and as much as possible. I have never slowed down and I never will. The idea that I shouldn't still be playing them at some particular age, for some unknown reason, has never occurred to me.

There's no such thing as being 'too old' to play video games. You might just as well ask if there's an age that's too old to watch tv, listen to music, see a movie or read a book (or a comic book). It's a bizarre, unreasonable and uninformed question.
Besides, playing video games will keep your mind sharper longer than any passive activity will anyway.

AK91815d ago

@BrianoBlivion and @Lon3Wolf I Hope when I'm around the age you guys are I'm still a gamer just like you guys are.