State of Decay: The Zombie Game You Should Still Be Playing

Exclusively Games writes:

''State of Decay is a game that exists in a strange place, a place full of weird bugs and countless hours poured into crafting your outpost of survivors who you’ll be living alongside. State of Decay was developed by the Seattle base developer, and now Xbox Games Studio subsidiary, Undead Labs. Released in 2013 on Xbox 360 and PC as a digital-only title, the game was met with a varied, albeit generally positive reaction from critics and gamers alike.''

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PhoenixUp84d ago

Funny how nobody gave State of Decay any crap for being a zombie game yet so many people expressed their complaints with Days Gone being a zombie game

Scar-84d ago

Days Gone is also easily the better game. I really wanted to like State of Decay 2 but it does so much wrong the co op, bugs,glitches half a$$ed story and DLC etc.

DaDrunkenJester84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

State of Decays main feature isn't the zombies though. The only thing unique about Days Gone were the zombies, so that was its focus.

State of Decay has crafting, resource gathering, base building, settlement managing, multiple characters with their own perks and stats, perma death, co-op, multiple vehicles that you can upgrade... Sure Days Gone has a better narrative and it's obviously better looking, but it's a pretty standard open world action adventure game that doesn't really do anything different other than its zombies.

Abnor_Mal84d ago

Days Gone also has crafting, resource gathering, with perks and stats. You can upgrade your bike and can also use other bikes you find in the environment. I guess an argument can also be made for settlement managing in Days Gone. Then as you said, better narrative and better looking.

At the end of the day, they were both zombie games, but there was no talk about zombie fatigue with State Of Decay2. I guess all that you've listed for SoD2 was enough to nullify any possible fatigue from being another zombie game.

DaDrunkenJester83d ago


The resource gathering and base management are handled VERY differently in each one of these games. You aren't just collecting some random items and doing missions to build rep like in Days Gone. You actually need to build settlements and provide them with food, shelter, beds, water etc.

The settlements are also not safe zones and can be raided anytime by a horde. Perks and stats are upgradable, but also extremely varied between characters. You also even have negative ones that can impact morale of your other members or boost them depending on if you're a good leader.

I'm sorry but Days gone just doesnt have the deeper level of mechanics in that way. But yes, as far as other things like visuals, narrative, and horde size it definitely excels in. The only thing really setting it a part from other open world 3rd person action adventure games that have come before it is the zombies.

Donnie8184d ago

State of decay is awesome! I enjoyed part two as well.

Eldyraen84d ago

I want State of Decay and Day’s Gone to merge into one game. I think both would help with each other’s Weaknesses somewhat. The narrative can’t be exactly the same due to character loss in SoD (and I want it to stay), but some of the story elements would still work great in a combined world. Maybe start off more “sod” but after a certain point you are introduced to npc camps (one per map—possible carry overs or one huge map next time) to add variety as well.

But run better than both, because even on my Pro DG has some noticeable slowdown and even freezes which are always worrying even more than any dip.