*SPOILER* Resistance 3 rumored to continue from Resistance 2's ending

Year-old Resistance 3 rumors suggested that Resistance 2 would feature a cliff-hanger ending paving the way for a third game in the series. Now that the game is released, it turns out "This is just the beginning."

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Pennywise4052d ago

If R3 is a step up as much as R2 is to R1, than R3 will blow minds.

Fox014052d ago

OMG who would have imagined.

LightningPS3PS34052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I take what I say back about Resistance 2. I know I had some harsh words because they took co op out of the story campaign.

I think maybe they wanted you to play the story alone. They added 1950's scenery and sounds to the game. For example if you go into a house right away it looks really cool, like it was cut out of a classic episode of "Lassie" or "Leaver to beaver". And then there's sometimes radios on playing some soft 1950's music or the radio announcer. And then to top it off, Resistance 2 is a lot more gory than the original, the blood color and decapitated body parts have all been amped up in detail.

Resistance 2 is a much more atmospheric game than the original, so I can kinda see why they turned it into a single player mission. And then it's got tons of online and multi player levels to sorta make up for it.

So, now that I think about it. I take it back. Resistance 2 is cool. I over reacted because it didn't have co on in the story mode and I usually play shooters in 2 players.

ThanatosDMC4052d ago

Lightning = epic PHAIL

You're not funny. So you dont deserve your bubbles unlike POG or Crabs or sonarus when he's trolling.

On topic: What did they expect? Btw, i havent finished the game on SP. Told myself i would first but co-op is just so fun. 8 of us getting massacred is just drool worthy!

Pennywise4052d ago

lol lightning. Glad you came around! I can see why you were upset, but it isnt like they didnt warn us. You can split screen online in ranked rooms too!! Fun stuff. I am hooked on this game. Cant wait to get home and play.

mikeslemonade4052d ago

Yep, after Ratchet 6:online.

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Darkseider4052d ago

It should be noted that there are spoilers in the article. As well as a spoiler video. Not that I care but some might.

Supa4052d ago

Thanks for the tip Darkseider. I changed the headline to include a spoiler warning, but N4G didn't ask me if I fixed your report after I saved, so now it's still marked as Reported. :(

Darkseider4052d ago

I post and report at the same time. Sometimes the story submitter never checks and things like this get through without a second look.

chasuk084052d ago

Isnt this pretty obvious ?

Pennywise4052d ago

**SPOILER*** kind of!

I dont know what gave them this idea... could it be R2 starts exactly where RFoM left off?

Lucreto4052d ago

The worst part is that we will have to wait 2 years for the next part but I am looking forward to the next Ratchet with my favorite villain.

reincarnated4052d ago


SlyGuy4052d ago

like the title on the pic more. LOL. J/k

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The story is too old to be commented.