15 Xbox Games We Wish Went Backwards Compatible

After Xbox's announcement that there won't be any more backwards compatible games until the release of Project Scarlett, here's a reflection of what could, or perhaps should have been.

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BlackIceJoe1701d ago

Not only would it have been great if Max Payne, Freedom Fighters, Nier, Blur and Lollipop Chainsaw got to become backwards compatible, it also would be great if those games got to have more games come out in their franchises.

VenomUK1701d ago

I want Toby Gard’s Galleon. I have the game but no way to play it and I’m not going to buy an original Xbox again.

Gunstar751701d ago

Blur. Was gutted it never came over, but I guess the licences expired

Primal Rex1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Its not as backwards compatibity is dead its just been put on hold so all backwards compatibity game work on next xbox then when its released they will start up again, P.S I did finish Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth

Bigman4k1701d ago

Idk I'm pretty sure they are done with backsward compatible program even when next gen xbox comes out i don't see them announcing new backsward compatible games

darthv721701d ago

i do. There are going to be more og and 360 titles added to the mix for project scarlett.

Jakens1701d ago

Might get the chance when Scarlett comes out. I mean for all games Xbox 360 and Original Xbox. I can dream it happening.

Imortus_san1700d ago

I only needed 10 games, and they are all Shoot em ups.


Why Made Max Payne 1 Remains an Unabashed Classic

What made Max Payne an amazing experience?

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walken741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Why made gud indeeeed.

EvertonFC41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

These lot don't even check the grammar 🤣😂 can't even get a article headline correct.

isarai41d ago

Still weird to me that out of all the games with bullet time and slow motion, Max Payne 1 and 2 are the ONLY ones that render each individual bullet, which IMO really elevates the bullet time effect 👌

Iceball200041d ago

Holy cow, couldn’t watch more then a minute with buddy having the mouse sensitivity set to 100 lol

Chilliersplash41d ago

Why made who what unabashed Mick Dwayne !!!!!!!!!

cammers199540d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"Why made max payne"


Max Payne PS5 remake needs to include this great Rockstar easter egg

Max Payne PS5 remakes are coming for the first two games from Remedy Entertainment, and we hope this Rockstar Games easter egg is kept in.

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Agent7545d ago

Will never forget these games on the PS2 and Xbox. Max Payne 3 was awesome, more so the arcade mode.

Abnor_Mal45d ago

Can’t wait to replay these games with updated graphics.

Would also like a remastered Max Payne3.

Knightofelemia45d ago

Hope it's done better then the GTA trilogy.

EazyC45d ago

Indeed - and if it is another shameless cash grab, they shouldn't bother. It's an insult to these classic games.

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James McCaffrey’s Max Payne changed my life with just one phrase

The first Max Payne game on PS2 made me view videogames in a new light, and James McCaffrey was vital to absorbing me into Remedy's world.

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