Console Makers, Apple Publicly Oppose Tariffs

More technology giants are coming out against the latest round of tariffs against Chinese goods proposed by President Donald Trump and his administration. Apple has filed a public comment, and there's also a joint comment between Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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Shiken936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

The enemy of thine enemy is'eth thine friend

Scatpants936d ago

Clown in chief messing everything up for everybody.

MajorLazer936d ago

Still cannot believe that buffoon was elected. Everyone knew what he was about and he was still elected 🤯

TeamIcoFan936d ago

Gotta stick it to those DERN DIRTY LIBS NO MATTER WHUT!

Eonjay936d ago

Who would have thought that making a situation worse is not the going to make a situation better?
The playbook changed the moment that China's economy started to overtake our own.
You can't hurt their economy without hurting everyone else.

GottaBjimmyb935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

To be fair, it is absolutely stupid engage in equivalent trade with a country that allows Child and near-slave labor, Who will inflate their currency or devalue their currency at the cost of their constituents, has among the worlds worst carbon footprints and who constantly steals others IPs and designs without any road block. Seems more immoral to subsidize that.

It is also kind of unfair to hold France, or Germany to the same trading policy with us as we would with China when France and Germany do not have those issues, kind of gives an incentive to poor working, business and ecological conditions.

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TeamIcoFan936d ago

Why'd we elect this moron again?

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ShadowWolf712936d ago

Because it was a matter of choosing the manner in which we prefer to be utterly screwed over, really.

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