Marvel's Avengers Story Is About the Heroes' Human Element, They're Affected by Their Mental State

The story of Marvel's Avengers will be all about the human element of the heroes, according to Shaun Escayg (former director of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy).
They'll be affected by their mental state.

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Chris_Wray23d ago

That could be great, so long as it's paced well and deals with the characters much like some of the films can, the conflict between them. I just don't want overly boring and long rubbish like that whole group therapy scene seen in the last Avengers.

Judge_Rez23d ago

I feel like the story and visuals might be the real standout in this game. But, it seems like the actual combat will probably be simplistic and there'll be QTE sequences. (based on game journalists' observations from the BTS demos at E3)