AceGamez Review - Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle

AceGamez: "Brian Basco and Gina Timmins are relaxing in the romantic hotspot that is Hawaii and enjoying a relaxing break after the trials and tribulations of their previous adventure. Of course, adventure games wouldn't be much fun without something dramatic happening and we're not let down; Brian and Gina decide to take a sightseeing tour, boarding an old plane that's piloted by an even older man. It's probably not too tricky to guess what happens next; the pilot passes on to pastures new, the plane is in trouble and Brian has to push Gina out, parachute in hand. Next minute, Brian wakes up, the plane has crashed din the jungle, there's no sight of Gina and your adventure is underway.

The introduction is one of the better beginnings to an adventure game I have seen, which is quite astounding when you consider that you're playing it on a Nintendo DS. The adventuring part is where Runaway comes into its own and you literally travel from one extreme to the next. One moment you're lost in the jungle then the next you find yourself on an archaeological sight, then you're wandering around underwater, trying to find a way out. The fantastic and weird nature of it all keeps your interest throughout, as the game never takes itself too seriously, although this does lead into the realms of silliness on occasion, which detracts a little from the enjoyment.

The main problem is that Brian and Gina are not the most likeable of leads, which is never a good thing, whether you're reading a book or watching a film and definitely not in this medium, where you are in control of the character and their every action. Gina takes a back seat for Dream of the Turtle, so you don't get too much involvement with her, which is no bad thing, and although Brian is a lot more confident than before, he still comes up lacking with regards to charisma and wit."

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