AceGamez Review - Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest

AceGamez: " Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest is the new real-time strategy sequel to the award-winning Darwinia. Developed by Introversion Software, Multiwinia is an adorably retro game that is refreshingly accessible considering the usual difficulties and large learning curves of the genre.

The game revolves around controlling your constantly spawning waves of troops, directing them through six different game modes for ultimate victory. Instead of the usual click and drag to select your troops though, the simple controls allow you to click and hold, which grabs all the troops in an ever extending radius, using the right mouse button to order your troops to move and attack. These controls are obviously not enough to wield the massive armies you'll eventually end up with and as such the developers saw fit to include the ingenious option of creating officers with a simple right click on one trooper. You can then employ these officers to direct units from their spawn points or lead a certain block of soldiers in clever linear formations so you can better face off against the enemy. Aside from the occasional loading of your troops into vehicles, those are basically the only controls in the game, making this one of the easiest games to get into.

However, whilst you can master commanding your armies without a hitch, the challenges that Multiwinia puts forth are surprisingly complex. Perhaps a depressing reflection on my first person shooter background, I found the single player missions extremely hard to conquer at times, because Multiwinia forces you to be quick and concise with your movements and attacks from the outset, in order to capture spawn points and control the battlefield effectively. Aside from trying to defeat your opponents with your intellectual prowess, you've also got to watch out for the clock that, while adding an extra shred of difficulty, is a feature capable of making sure you can pick up and play at any time. As a result, Multiwinia is clearly a game that ignores the status quo of the RTS standard, disregarding buildings, tech trees, unit upgrades and arduously long battles in favour of quick 'get in, get out', challenging gameplay."

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