AceGamez Review: Mount & Blade

AceGamez: " Horses are awesome! No, I don't mean the ones on icky-poo farmyards that prance about, leaving trails of muck for you step in. I mean the hardcore battlehorses, kitted up with armour, striking fear into enemy hearts as they thunder gallantly across the battlefield, smashing through enemy lines with the ease of a hot knife through butter. Some strategy games have recreated horses so well, like the Total War series, but imagine this on a much more personal scale - imagine being just one of those mounted horsemen, the crashing hooves and clashing swords filling the air. Few games have tried this and none have truly succeeded - until now.

I, Brew van Storm, astride my majestic mount, cantered slowly into the courtyards of a humble country village. The sun was rising from the hills to my left and the blinding rays were projecting through the ancient stone archway just beyond the village. My horse slowed to a trot as I passed by the outlying farmyards and entered into the village centre. The locals continued about their business as I slowed to a gentle plod, surveying my surroundings. I was directed to the village elder, a grizzled old farmer sporting an incongruous wide-brimmed hat. I enquired about the possibility of recruiting young men from the village to bolster my army and the old man found me some suitable volunteers.

With my new recruits in tow, I turned tail and headed back into the rolling green pastures, the distant sea no more than a hazy, blue line on the horizon. My faction was at war with the Kingdom of Vaegirs and we were trying to push back their invading parties. So far we had met with little success, since their superior numbers had put us at a disadvantage. However, I had collected a small but elite army of veteran soldiers, archers and cavalry, and I was going for a last ditch attempt to defeat their most formidable general. We set Eastwards apace, knowing that the coming battle would mean either my grim demise or the turning point of our war."

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