I grit my teeth as I prepared to see what was what with Contra: Rogue Corps’ E3 demo | Entertainium

"Contra: Rogue Corps may in fact turn out to be a pretty good game, but for what I played at E3, it just didn’t feel like Contra." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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gangsta_red21d ago

Yeah, seems like a satirical take on the series rather than the serious over the top sci fi shooter it was in the past.

Retroman21d ago

Whoever gave you 2 down like Never played Contra before.
Since Shattered Solider sheeeuu they should be Happy we getting anything.

gangsta_red20d ago

It's actually really baffling to me too a out the downvotes. I get that I'm loved and all but how could anyone want to call this Contra?

DaDrunkenJester21d ago

I did not enjoy the demo I played. It just didnt feel like Contra, but what was even worse was it just wasn't fun.

Segata21d ago

Aesthetics remind me of a rough but fun game on Dreamcast called Expendable.

fsfsxii21d ago

I couldn't care less about contra. As long as its fun and plays well i'll play it.

Retroman20d ago

This Contra would be great if Bill Rizer and Lance Bean the 2 original characters in it.