Gears of War 2 Golden Lancer Acquired, New Images

"Below are some pics of myself installing and checking out the Golden Lancer in Gears of War 2. These pics were shot of Gears of War 2 on an Xbox 360 Elite connected via HDMI on my 112" front projection system used for reviewing games and Blu-ray films at a resolution of 1080p."

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sak5003635d ago

Nice does it have any additional capabilities?

MisfitSmurf3635d ago

@[email protected] jeez whats with the increase of golden guns lately, i rather have something weird like a purple gun O:

TOO PAWNED3635d ago

Wait a sec, so they are copy cat-ing COD4? LAME

Fishy Fingers3635d ago

There has been gold guns in loads of games, it's nothing new. I don't see you saying the same about Far Cry 2.

tatotiburon3635d ago

wait a sec, they are copy the golden gun of goldeneye??, jesus man grow up

militant073635d ago

i already saw 1 playing on it while i was playing horde

gears 2 is at least 9.5 and its bigger,better and more badass

pp3635d ago

Pure awesomeness now i understand why this game can't be done on ps3.

cr33ping_death3635d ago

barely hanging on to the open zone arent ya boy? now see if you actually posted some thoughtful comments you wouldnt be banned to the troll cave. always starting some bullsh!t.

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The story is too old to be commented.