Sega Genesis Mini Stole My Heart At E3 | TechRaptor

TechRaptor writes, "We had the chance to get our hands on the Sega Genesis Mini at E3 this year and we fell in love with the experience. Nostalgia was a huge factor of course."

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ChrisW115d ago

Quick quip:They say there's 40 games, plus "2 bonus titles"... As benign and petty as this sounds, why not just say "42 games"?

floydian1114d ago

It should read: 38 games, plus 4 bonus titles.
More value !!!

Segata115d ago

Nintendo's classics are just lazy in comparison. The SEGA CD port opens up. You can put a 32X in at the top and all 40 games will have tiny carts. None of it functional but a fun bonus. M2 doing the emuation and Yuzo Koshiro doing the menu music. This is no doubt the best classic/mini console yet.

King_Noctis115d ago

“None of it functional but a fun bonus”

So how does that make the NES/SNES classic “lazy”?

Segata115d ago

Attention to detail in nostalgia. Minatures are fun.

donttakethesteamtray115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Don't be so quick to call Nintendo lazy in comparison when Sega had atgames make terrible versions of this for years.

Segata115d ago

I didn't call Nintendo lazy. I said the classic looks lazy in comparison to the Genesis mini. This is not Atgames but M2.

Notellin115d ago

This thing is going to be incredible.

Notellin114d ago

We will all cringe for you since you have nothing to say yet still comment when no one cares.

Nerdmaster115d ago

I would be more excited if SEGA hadn't re-released these games so many times. Right now I can open Steam and play many (if not all) games that comes with it. And the biggest Genesis game (Sonic 3 and Knuckles) isn't even in the package. I'd be more excited for a Saturn or Dreamcast mini.

Segata115d ago

Castlevania Bloodlines. MUSHA on the Japanese version. Mega Man Wily Wars. Those have not been re-released a bunch of times.