SMH Reviews: Far Cry 2

SMH writes: "In Coppola's magnificent Apocalypse Now, the themes of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness were powerfully transplanted into the Vietnam War. Far Cry 2 returns to Conrad's Africa in the 21st century and it is still "The Dark Continent" where Westerners succumb to their base savagery.

This is a grittier, more mature shooter than most, with players controlling a mercenary charged with the assassination of an arms dealer called the Jackal who supplies weapons to two factions in a never-ending and bloody civil war."

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This game is very well made. every situation can be handled differently. One mission you can shoot up the place or you can kill the main target quietly and leave without make a scene. This game is more of a thinking 1st person shooter. You dont just shoot something and shoot more stuff without thinking of a plan.