One Punch Man: a Hero Nobody Knows for PS4, Xbox One, and PC gets First Screenshots and Box Art

Following the official announcement of One Punch Man: a Hero Nobody Knows, Bandai Namco followed up with a press release with plenty of assets.

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Rangerman120820d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Looks already better than Jum Proce haha.

I'm still keeping my expectations low though. I love One Punch Man but most arena brawlers spike shunsoft made were average at best. Would have been better if Byking or Cyberconnect2 developed the game. Plus, I'm kinda tired of broken arena brawlers and I would have loved to see them experimenting another genre for the game.

Abriael20d ago

Does it?

It looks pretty much the same to me.

Rangerman120820d ago

Character design wise. At least they're not trying to make the characters look hyper realistic like in Jump Force.

Sonyslave320d ago

Agree it look and play the freaking same, what a disappointment.

Joshua1320d ago

This game is only better than Jump Force because of the art style.

However, good artstyle doesn't make a game any better, and seeing that Spike are making the game, I won't hold my breath for this to turn out any good. It sucks because I love One Punch Man but I'm already getting tired of anime turning into arena brawlers. Give me something new, dang it.

BeginsNightime20d ago

@Tech5 Dang, did they hired the people from Sword and Shield to work on the graphics lol.

XiNatsuDragnel20d ago

Reminds me of Burning Blood but why not?

phoenixwing20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

a jrpg would have been better. Play as a disciple of saitama's with jokes at his expense to provide comedy and then you go exploring the city. Maybe fight bosses above your league while patrolling the city, slowly rank up and deal with the hero association. Maybe have saitama save you because he's bored and out on a stroll walking one day when you face the ultimate boss for you. Then build up and face another strong creature this time saitama is at the grocery store and forgot about you so you're on your own. It could be a great game. I'd have paid full sixty bucks for that. But a brawler? as if there aren't enough of those and how lame and out of touch the ceo's must have been because Saitama wins everything in the anime with very little effort, it's the main joke of the series. It just doesn't make sense story wise.

Rangerman120820d ago

Agreed. An rpg that takes place in the One Punch Man universe would have been a better choice. Kinda like that one Trigun game that was announced a long time ago, which was sadly cancelled.

Then again, I guess turning it into an arena fighter would be cheaper to make I guess. I'll still be getting it but I'll be toning down my expectations.

smashman9820d ago

That sounds terrible. I mean the prospect of a one punch man game sounds terrible in general. So I don't mean any offense.

Joshua1320d ago

You're not the only one here. However, even if it's a bad idea, I'd still take that over another unbalanced arena fighter anyday.

stokedAF20d ago

A 3d fighting game? They dropped the ball on that one. I absolutely adore OPM, it’s the only anime I watch and the only manga I buy. I’d rather play as saitama smashing through hordes of enemies then see him fight Mumen rider....

phoenixwing20d ago

the worst part about this is they'll think people don't want games of opm when in actuality they want good games that make sense. Having one punch man in a brawler is very stupid and ruins the whole intention of the anime.

stokedAF20d ago

It’s probably the easiest type of game to push out and slap a brand on it like the old half baked movie based games.

phoenixwing20d ago

Yeah i figure that's what they're doing but they just don't know the anime very well if they think this was a good decision for a game.

stokedAF20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Exactly it kinda misses the point. It would be fun to have like 4 coop player beat em up and everybody picks a different character. If you pick saitama then it’s going to be ridiculously easy. Go through the story in an hour and a half. Go through again as sonic and it becomes a bit more difficult. Going through with mumen rider is god tier play lol. So much potential and the setting is already there. Just make a city Z map and the monsters coming up in endless hordes. Boss fights with giant monsters, etc. I would buy it. Plus city Z is evacuated so it’s not like you have to show people running around screaming. You can have large scale destruction.

gangsta_red20d ago

So I'm guessing you play as the other supporting characters, build up a special move and then unleash Saitama to come out and instantly K'O your opponent.

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