AceGamez Review: Fable II

AceGamez: "Although not a focal point of the overall narrative, the little doggy companion who follows you for almost the entire span of Fable II is a wonderful addition. He - or she, if you choose to so name aforementioned pooch - is an invaluable teammate who helps you in fights, sniffs out chests and buried treasure for you, performs tricks and generally endears himself to you, whether your actions turn him into a golden-fleeced Lassie or a red-eyed Kujo. Lionhead further compound the connection to your furry friend by introducing him right at the beginning of the game, when your character is a scrawny little street urchin living off scraps and his or her wits with big sister Rose; the dog rescues you from an unscrupulous bully and from that point on it's clear that Peter Molyneux wants you to care about the dog and, by extension, the world you both inhabit. Albion, just like your pooch (I named mine Tinker, by the way) changes and reacts to your every action. You have to care about how you treat both, even if you treat both badly. It's impossible not to care.

Dog notwithstanding, Fable II's opening hour is very similar to the first game, in that you begin as a child (male or female this time around) who must perform various quests for the citizens of your hometown in order to raise five gold pieces. The reason behind this is that a travelling merchant has come to Bowerstone City and is selling, among other things, a musical box that he proclaims will grant whoever plays it a single wish. Although initially sceptical about the box's actual powers, the words of a blind witch named Theresa urge your sister to buy the box and play it, wishing - bless her heart - to live in a castle - Fairfax Castle, to be precise, which towers above the city. Once the box is played, however, things quickly sour and - without revealing too much - you find yourself an only child, raised by Theresa in a small gypsy commune with your only real friend being the trusty dog that you saved earlier. Although not particularly riveting, the opening childhood chapter teaches you the fundamentals of Fable II, most notably the breadcrumb trail of twinkling lights that guides you to your quest objectives."

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