Is Sekiro a rhythm game? We asked the player who beat it on Donkey Kong bongos

We asked one of the best FromSoft challenge runners how his skills survived the transition to bongo drums.

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UltraNova119d ago

Every 3rd person hack and slash game is a rhythm game by that logic.

KillBill118d ago

You did not read it did you?

UltraNova118d ago

I did infact, how's that an issue with my OG comment? Every 3rd person h&s game can be played with various instruments, as already seen countless time before this, its all about getting the "rhythm" and adapting.

shaggy2303118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

@UltraNova If you read the article you'll see that a lot of From Softwares game are at their heart rhythm games, at least as far as the boss battles are.

As the gentleman who plays their games with bongos says, the boss battles are simplified down to the game prompting you on what to do next, weather with a sound or a visual animation, the played then presses the appropriate button weather its attack or block or dodge etc.

KillBill118d ago

@UltraNova - you seemed to miss the point where the game in question has a rhythm to it more so than other games as he mentions.

stokedAF118d ago

Bongos? That’s insane.

DemoIishor118d ago

All swordfighting in general is a game of rhythm. That's why swordfights are often referred to as dances. You can see this in both fencing and kendo - there is a genuine flow and rhythm to the exchanges.