GamersInfo Review - Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 "The story for Trauma Center 2 takes place several years after the events of the original game. Dr. Stiles is now saving lives at Camp Zakara, a refugee camp in the fictional war-torn country of Costigar, Africa. With his trusty nurse Angie Thompson by his side, he has been assigned to investigate a new illness in and around the Costigar region. But before he can even get his feet wet, Dr. Stiles is whisked back to Caduceus to fight the current developments of the previously eradicated disease GUILT. And coming along for the ride is the new rookie doctor, Adel Tulba, who Dr. Stiles brings back to Angeles Bay for further training.

As in the original, there are a lot of cutscenes between operations, and some subchapters are comprised entirely of lengthy interchanges of melodramatic dialogue. But the story is engaging enough to keep you amused, and the cutscenes give you a welcome break from the intensity of the gameplay, which only gets harder as you progress.

The game looks and feels very much like the original. Other than the character redesigns, everything looks the same. Characters are drawn in 2D anime style for the cutscenes while the surgeries are rendered in 3D. The music is effectively used to help amplify the intense atmosphere during gameplay. Every surgery is a race against time, and the music never lets you forget that fact.

For all the fake surgeon newbies, rest assured that you do not need to play the original game in order to enjoy the sequel. While many aspects of the game remain unchanged, don't feel overwhelmed; the first chapter of the game acts as a tutorial for the new and a refresher for the surgery vet."

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