Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Shows First Tifa Gameplay, Second Costume, and More

Square Enix showcased the first gameplay of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, also revealing the second costume for Zenos.

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CrimsonWing6922d ago

Man, I think I should give this game another try.

meka261122d ago

I tried the free version and it is decent. Main problems for me is the 3 person teams make things a little too hectic and also the limit on game modes. You've got offline with gauntlet mode and then online versus and that's it.

CrimsonWing6922d ago

Yea, I got bored with it back when it launched, but Tifa looks pretty awesome in this.

zacfoldor22d ago

Tifa is so cool. I love her character design here. Great job on it.

ErogeMaster20d ago

Games deader than dead this is another ip that team ninja has put to pasture.