The Future Of Console Gaming Will Be At Risk Sooner Than You Think

The Google Stadia is set to launch this November 2019. With more and more streaming services rumored, could this spell the end of future console generations?

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Shiken20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

If the title held any kind of weight at all, they would have something better than Stadia being compared to soon-to-be last gen consoles as the thumbnail.

rainslacker19d ago

I assume we're good until at least the end of next gen. If next gen goes as well as this one, then I assume that a manufacturer will still provide for it in the gen after that.

SocialDanny12320d ago

No. There will always be a need for a console. However it's clear that over time consoles will become less and less important. The console sales overall has been pretty flat to declining and isn't growing.

stuna119d ago

Console sales are flat and declining simply because the generation is coming to a close! The switch can't boost those numbers on its own. Soon as next gen starts we will see once again a boost in overall sales.


aren't you slightly worried that with the next gen consoles pricing being way to high for the console? Trust me I enjoy my consoles very much and I just worry that developers will try and push more to a streaming service because its less cost to them to push out but will pull more money in. I guess only time will tell.

Einhander197120d ago

Consoles will always be important in my house, especially the retro ones.

Shikoku20d ago

No it won't data caps, no net neutrality and poor internet performance will keep that from happening for years