PlayStation 5 & Beyond Will Push PlayStation Now Hard, Says Sony

PlayStation Now has failed to really make an impact. In fact, it hasn't even surpassed one million subscribers. However, everyone is betting on services being the future, and Sony is too. In a recent interview with the Financial Times, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan confirmed that PlayStation Now will be a big part of PlayStation's future, this year, for the PS5, and beyond.

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italiangamer26d ago

"...has failed to really make an impact"

First console streaming service released on the market, biggest market share of ALL services available till now, more than 750 games to stream/download (and they dont get removed), works with just 5mbps and will be massively improved beginning this year when the competition still has to release theirs.

Always throwing punches to Sony, when in reality if it wasnt for them these so called "journalists" would be talking about the Kardashians.

Neonridr25d ago

do we have numbers of how many people actually subscribe to it though?

gamingunited25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Well not having numbers sure didn't stop this guy from calming PSNow doesn't even have a million subscribers.

Neonridr25d ago

@gamingunited - oh most definitely, I was just genuinely curious. I mean the PR and buzz words that italiangamer listed above sounds great and all, but if like 2-3% of the userbase is using it, then is it really that impressive?

Kribwalker25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

700,000 as of March this year sony stated

gamepass has millions and millions according to Phil Spencer
“Spencer continues: "I would say the thing about Game Pass, relative to maybe some other subscriptions out there, is just its scale. Game Pass is at a point where it has millions and millions of subscribers. When you put a game into Game Pass, you've instantly reached millions of people who can play your game. If you have anything to buy in the game, if there is add-on content, you are obviously reaching more players.”

It would appear like that estimate from last year was incorrect

Neonridr25d ago

@Kribwalker - so less than 1% according to Sony themselves.

TK-6625d ago Show
sprinterboy25d ago

It's about 800,000 I believe

Neonridr25d ago Show
nucky6425d ago

i haven't subscribed. so, that's one in the "no" column.

Neonridr25d ago Show
ImGumbyDammit25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

According to Sony a month or two ago they stated it was 700k. Which, again according to Sony, was an 40% increase over the previous year. And that growth was probably due to them adding downloading of most of the PS4 games in the catalog.

Source: https://www.gamerevolution....

Unspoken25d ago Show
Christopher25d ago

There was a report a while back showing they had almost half of the market overall and were around 700k users.

Ratchet7525d ago

I like it but I wish it could work on my android phone tbh.
I also wish they could bring a lot more ps2 games on it.

RangerWalk26725d ago

Sony said they have around 700k subs

UltraNova25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


So excessive marketing works? Who knew..
Lets see what happens when Sony really starts pushing un upgraded PS Now along with their library of games...

bouzebbal25d ago

I have ps now and it works like a charm

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DaDrunkenJester25d ago

Yes they were the first console streaming service, but hardly an accomplishment since they basically just bought out the streaming competition and put it on the PS4. Also, games do get removed from the service, that was a lie. Works with just 5mbps but damn do the servers suck, Gaikai servers have always been wonky and that is a known issue with PSNow. Luckily they finally included downloads for PS4 games, you can thank the popularity of GamePass for that one.

sampsonon25d ago

they bought a streaming service, so that negates being the first? lol. you're on drugs.

Kribwalker25d ago

agreeing to a deal with MS to use the Superior Azure cloud for streaming services seems like a step in the right direction to fix the wonkyness with PSnow and up the quality of it

DaDrunkenJester25d ago


Doesn't negate it, but it's not like they put any effort into it. It isn't an in house server they built to make sure their games run at the quality Sony is known for. People give MS crap for buying up devs instead of creating their own, why not hold Sony to that standard of not just buying up the competition to make it?

Edito25d ago

And you can thank PSNow for the existence of gamepass...

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Muzikguy25d ago ShowReplies(2)
Segata25d ago

First console streaming services were on SEGA Genesis and Super Famicom.

Kribwalker25d ago

sega channel for the win 😎

KickSpinFilter25d ago

First online console was also a Sega machine Dreamcast

Segata25d ago


Atari,Famicom,SNES,Genesis,Sa turn,N64 all either had either the online ability or an adapter to make them online.

shabz666125d ago

Dude first party games being released day one on psnow on release date!! They need to do that to come close to the quality of game pass. Frigging outer wilds btw. Amazing!! I would have never given it a try if it wasn’t for game pass. Sony need to up their game to take my money. Coz if they release last of us 2 on release date on ps now for $10 a month?. I’m in.

BlackTar18725d ago

it's been pretty clear that since Gamepass started doing that the games have suffered pretty badly.

P_Bomb25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

$10 for TLOU2?! I spend more than that on a movie ticket. I don’t see desperation as upping one’s game. For comparison, the box office is still where movie studios make the overwhelming majority of their money, with Avengers about to set the all time record. Future MCU movies are NOT going to Disney+ day one. Cheap little spinoffs like the Loki show are. Netflix loses money every year and is infamous for its cancellations and region locked content. Not ideal for AAA.

I just don’t see it as a financially sound solution to take well reviewed games that sell millions on their own and start giving them away on a pass at a loss. Of course Gamepass has millions. I don’t even own an Xbox One yet *I* got a free Gamepass subscription when I went to see Aquaman. It’s the new ‘90’s AOL trial.

I’m aware of the exclusives other services have offered and for the most part they’ve been dumpster fires. Let my Netflix lapse last month. I’d rather go see Far from Home in theaters for $15 than slog through another lacklustre canceled season of *insert marvel character here* or DC’s service which canceled the critically acclaimed Swamp Thing one episode into the season. Was so expensive they cut it down to 10 episodes from 13. AAA budgets are too expensive for $1 returns. It took Spotify 13 years and 96 million paid subs (207 million active users) to finally turn a profit, if only for a moment . They’re forecasting a loss of up to $400 million over the next year.

shabz666125d ago

@P_Bomb they need to fight for your money, Sony and Microsoft, you need to get the best deal always. Why defend something that is a detriment to you. i bought judgement on ps4 at $60 yesterday, coz I love the yakuza games and I’m liking judgement so far, but if that was on psnow day one free. I’d be pretty chuffed about it. Why be against something that is good for you. I don’t understand fanboyism like this. It’s against your own interests.

shabz666125d ago

@BlackTar187 I think the quality of ms first party games this gen has been average at best and primarily because of low sales they had to get something like games pass to get more people to play for less money, which turns out is good for us because , the fact they are getting more studios to make more games and have pledged day one releases for all first party games makes it plausible for better games in the future. I think low quality first party games is bad because of the first party games output, not because of game pass, not sure how your rationale the service to bad quality in games.

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rainslacker25d ago

Ms talks about it more despite not having a product on the market, but Sony was the first to try and make it big.

Going forward though, if they're going to.push it hard, then they need to start marketing it now in a big way. Them being low key about it allowed their competition to make a fuss about it, and most of the media acts like psnow doesn't even exist.

chazjamie25d ago

Playstation now is trash. It's a fucking scam.

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CP_Company25d ago

urinalist at their best :D

"PlayStation Now has failed to really make an impact"

they have more then 50% market share. so what they should do to make an impact? to have 99%? 100%?

UltraNova25d ago

Apparently this market will officially exist when MS and Google says so...

Unspoken25d ago

It's the same arguument against MS or Google. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. They have inferior tech compared to what is being pushed by their rival companies.

PlayStation is popular, PSN\ Now is not. Deal with it.

UltraNova25d ago

PSN is more popular than Live...get your shit together.

Neonridr25d ago

Sony having a huge market share for their console means absolutely nothing when it comes to Playstation Now - a streaming service offered on that console. I don't see the correlation there.

KickSpinFilter25d ago

No of the subscription market

Neonridr25d ago

@KickSpinFilter - ahh I see, thanks for clarifying.

SierraGuy25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

The correlation here is that yours and kribs statements flagged inappropriate up above were stating gamepass had 9.5 million subs.

Are you guys for real?

50% market share with 700,000 subs equates to gamepass MAYBE having 300,000 active subs. That's being generous.

Not even close.

And stop the foolishness... something all you Nintendo diehards share. It's annoying and immature.

TK-6625d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"they have more then 50% market share. so what they should do to make an impact? to have 99%? 100%?"

If Sony is now saying they have 700k subscribers and Phil Spencer is claiming to have 'millions and millions' (so atleast 2 million I guess?) in XGP then it suggests that the data we were provided with was either heavily skewed or is now outdated. I have to admit when I originally saw the report I was surprised because I couldn't see how EA Access held such a high marketshare by comparison to XGP. It has a worse library and was only available on the Xbox One so i think it's safe to now say that the report you're referencing should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

rainslacker25d ago

Ms stated how many people have used the service, while it seems Sony announced more of a current subs number. That was my takeaway from both. I'd be more surprised if ms didn't have that many subs over time considering they always have it for cheap for new, or sometimes existing customers. MS obviously wants people to use the service, so it's their way of getting people in, and it's a common practice, and there is nothing wrong with it.

I think for the long term, the average number of monthly users is the most important factor, the revenues or potential profit will come from that. MS obviously can't always offer it for $1 to everyone forever. Psnow only ever really had some trial weekends, and free weeks over the years

ILostMyMind25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Does Microsoft have 'millions and millions' of subscribers in its streaming service? 🤪

SierraGuy25d ago

Oh...and Phil now wants to share sales figures?

TK-6625d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Are those relevant to the discussion? If so why?

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gangsta_red25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

“We obviously have seen the trend in other forms of entertainment towards the mass adoption of streaming as a means of accessing content,” said Ryan. “It would seem likely, very likely, that gaming will follow that trend.”

Very likely he says. I agree, I think this will be the next phase in gaming sometime down the line and possibly sooner rather than later.

"“We are getting more confident with the [PlayStation Now] service and we are really going to start to push it hard this year and in years to follow,” said Ryan."

I wonder if that means pushing more content, perhaps even offering more of an incentive like a lot more PS4 games and their first party titles to release sooner on the service? Definitely will have to see.

Interesting to see all these companies headed in the same direction.

Larrysweet25d ago

Yea im certain ps5 ps now will be like gamepass...all ps4 games will be on ps now as well as ps5 games marl my words

Mr-Dude25d ago

Just combine PS Plus with PS Now and some more extra's for a attractive price.. See the money roll in.

da1writer25d ago

I was thinking this was the ultimate goal eventually with them phasing out the PS3 and Vita titles on PS+, with PS4/5 titles eventually going away to combine PS+ and PS Now as one Service. Then you can boast a 20m+ members using the streaming services. Though yearly they offer $100 PS Now Year Membership, that means they would cut the price by $40, not sure if they are comfortable with that. Business side of me would say they could cheap out by removing the PS4 titles from PS+, tear a page or two from both Microsoft and EA, and have a "Rotating Vault" of PS Now games - Select monthly titles (100+) for PS+ subscribers. If you want the whole PS Now library, up to the PS+ "Platinum" Tier of $100 a year (secretly getting the old yearly PS Now price). Sounds like a genius move for the business side but crap for consumers of course. Speculation but wouldn't be surprised if this is the route they go to push PS Now hard.

NarutoFox25d ago

Same thing I were thinking

darthv7225d ago

That would be a good option. Also increasing the number of supported devices could help as well. I have a feeling they are working on that at this moment.

rainslacker25d ago

Think of prefer it to have psnow as an add on option so I dont have to pay more. I'm already considering if I want to keep plus, because I'm not playing the games from it much anymore. The sales make it worth it overall, but I can go without

RizBiz25d ago

That's what it should have been from the start. Free online play, with PS Plus and PS Now combined into one extra service for streaming and discounts.

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