Phil Spencer: Sea of Thieves wouldn’t be where it is today without Game Pass

Xbox Head Phil Spencer says that Sea of Thieves wouldn’t be the game it is today if they had waited another year to launch, and that Game Pass helped shape it into what it is.

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Godmars290847d ago

Because it was made specifically for Game Pass. Its literally the flagship title for the service and was announced with it. Why try to suggest otherwise?

timotim847d ago all worked out then?

harmny847d ago

Indeed. The game is great

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littletad847d ago

Every MS published game is literally a flagship title for gamepass since it releases on it same day as launch. So I don't get your reasoning. It's like you're literally jealous of a game's success purely cause it released on MS platforms.

oasdada847d ago

sooo.. he's basically saying it was trash and no 1 wudve bought it otherwise

Obscure_Observer847d ago


"sooo.. he's basically saying it was trash and no 1 wudve bought it otherwise"


PyroMessiah86847d ago

Who got your panties in a bunch? Unsurprising really as any positive Xbox article gets trashed daily on this website for the likes of people like you.


oasdada847d ago

Yea keep blaming ur trash on others.. I have both consoles and a pc and yes im a fanboy of good games not trash like this.. U keep defending this BS and we will end up with crap like this everywhere.. Lazy excuses for games

mcstorm847d ago

@oasdada love comments like this, So SOT is trash in your eyes not others and this is the key you need to remember. Its your view of the game not someone else's.

Example GoT is one of the biggest TV shows of the last 10 years but I did not like it so dose that mean that GoT was trash? Or I just have different taste to others?

Its the same with games. You dont like it cool move onto something you do like you will find your self less worked up about life.

Da12RespectA847d ago

Game pass started June 1st 2017. Sea of thieves came out March 20th 2018. It's not the flagship title. Every Ms game is released on the service

shuvam09847d ago

💯% agree...
I wouldn't have paid a single penny to get the game and yet I played it, thanks to Gamepass...

Obscure_Observer847d ago


"Because it was made specifically for Game Pass."

First you said the original Forza was released in the of X360 life circle. Now you´re saying SoT was made specifically for Game Pass when SoT has it development started back when Mattrick was in charge.

You´re embarissing yourself. Lol.

spicelicka847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

Wtf are you talking about? It was a standalone game that they added to Gamepass when they announced that all first party games would be included upon release.

You wouldn't be able to buy it separately if it was made specifically for game pass....

Rude-ro847d ago

What I love is... every single Xbox fan on this site still goes into gtsport articles bashing the game for its constant free support instead of one huge release.
While there is no “game pass” or monthly charge.
But sea of thieves or game pass all of a sudden sees an imaginary number of likes/dislikes as of trying to sell it.

My point.. game pass, Microsoft’s current million dollar marketing focus, does not make a game happen.
It has been happening for years.

Just like you have to pay to play free to play games on Xbox, this is nothing other than a sales pitch for Microsoft’s direction while ignoring the reality and past of other games.

“Hey they support sea of thieves for $10 a month” Microsoft’s media shills spread the news.

“Hey, they support gtsport for free”
Microsoft’s shills bash the game.


Imalwaysright847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

GT Sport and Sea of thieves are both incomplete games that were sold at full price and the people that bought them already paid for the "free" content and the money that they already gave is the money used to develop the "free" content because no one works for free and these companies don't give anything out of the kindness of their heart. I've been saying the same for both while laughing at people like you that believe that the updates are "free" for either game. The difference is that when I say it on a GT sport article I get disagrees and in Sea of Thieves articles I get agrees.

Bruh847d ago

I lost 5 brain cells just reading that BS, they added an Arena, multiple new PVE/PVP events, new PVE events and brand new areas. Does it still play the same? Well yeah thats how a video game DLC works lmao its not meant to alter the gameplay, by that notion every DLC every launched is a POS. Now get your Sony fanboy squad off the newsfeed

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PhoenixUp847d ago

That’s a whole new level of sad

Jin_Sakai847d ago

You know you’ve made a mistake when you rely on a subscription service to save your game.

UltraNova847d ago


Tbh WoW had about 100 times the content when it launched. Hardly an accurate comparison of games with a sub don't you think?

Unspoken847d ago

WoW, I don't believe he thought that one through.

rainslacker847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

Wow doesn't survive because of a sub service, the sub service survives because of WOW.

That's the mantra that means a lot more than a game managed to make it because people got it free with a sub, so by sheer numbers, it made it into a viable game.

Maybe SoT helps game pass survive, but one has to ask themselves, "would I subscribe to game pass for SoT, or will I just play it because its there?" Depending on the answer to that question, it determines the actual quality of the game to the individual.

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Relientk77847d ago

More than the Xbox One SAD Edition?

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AK91847d ago

Is that why I barely remember the game exists?

Livingthedream847d ago

Yet you're in here commenting lol

BLizardXD847d ago

"Is that why I barely remember the game exists?"
clearly you have a PS. this game is posted up pretty much daily on XBL....

Cmv38847d ago

That may be true...but its Ms job to market the game to more than just the 30 million xbox users... unless they are content with that... and they might be

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gam3r_4_lif3847d ago

No that is probably due to being dropped a lot in early life, but you probably wont remember that either

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harmny847d ago

AMAZING game. Incredible support. 10/10 gameplay and the free 20 hour campaign is exactly what the game needed

Inzo847d ago

"and the free 20 hour campaign is exactly what the game needed"

This is one sad f#*^ing line and highlights whats wrong with gaming today. I expect to see unskippable ads in it soon.

aconnellan847d ago

“Sea of Thieves needs a story mode”

*adds story mode, gets praised because it’s good content*

“This is so sad and highlights what’s wrong with gaming”

You know it was announced that Borderlands 3’s main story quest will be about 30 hours to complete, right? Why’s that different?

darthv72847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

"unskippable ads..." what are you going on about?

Inzo847d ago


Whats sad is that its getting praise for free story mode that should have been there since the beginning, thats whats wrong with the industry. "Its ok if we release a shitty incomplete game, we'll give them free content eventually"

sprinterboy846d ago

53 disagrees, wow, that's also what's wrong with the industry.

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Prince-Ali847d ago

10/10 gameplay!?!?!?!? loooooooooooooooool Brooooo! Lay off the drink man! Sea OF Thieves may very well be a fun game but 10/10 gameplay it most certainly is NOT! The combat alone is a 3/10! so i duno wheree this 10 is coming from loool

Sircolby45847d ago

Look guys...I found one of the scrubs that cries when I sink his boat.

Prince-Ali847d ago

That's your reply...? loooool bro you needa go to sleep you're clearly tired man.

Jin_Sakai847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

”10/10 gameplay and the free 20 hour campaign is exactly what the game needed“

I never thought I’d see the day when we are praising having a free campaign.

aconnellan847d ago

Technically every game that has a campaign has it for free. Unless it’s charge as dlc - which they didnt, hence the praise

Also didn’t GT Sport get praised for adding an offline mode post-launch?

Gamehard847d ago

Technically games aren't free when you have to pay for them... And a campaign should be a part of just about every game at launch. I think the argument is that success for games on game pass kind of promotes more titles to be released in an unfinished state because it can always be updated later and boasted as getting support from devs and extra free content. That kind of service is a double edged sword for gaming.

sprinterboy846d ago

Which should have been at launch in the first place.
Do you not see where MS are going with this nxt gen? Good luck with incomplete games at launch nxt gen on gamepass with the game being finished and year, 2 years etc over the the course of the gen.

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Inzo847d ago

WTF! is this guy still talking?

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Kiwi66847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

So he should use sign language,
puppets or pictures instead then ?

Inzo847d ago

Lol, Can you imagine Phil as a Muppet on sesame street? I can just imagine the lesson: How to talk without taking a breath! or how about "good exclusives and Phil Spencer"? One of these things just doesnt belong here!

rainslacker847d ago

I dunno if he can articulate his hands enough to use sign language. The man has one motion he uses while speaking. A slight movement of his right hand away from his stomach, which he raises a few inches, then lowers to stress a point.

I don't know what that translates to in sigh language.