Microsoft Shifting Focus To Xbox Scarlett Is The Right Move

SwitchedON Gamer's Paul Hunter writes "Microsoft's next-gen plans are shifting towards Xbox Scarlett and away from Xbox Lockhart. Find out why focusing on one console is a great move for gamers."

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Imortus_san26d ago

"Microsoft Shifting Focus To Xbox Scarlett Is The Right Move" - They just showed 14 Xbox studios IP and only one is confirmed for Xbox Scarlet, if you call that Shifting Focus you are passing false information.

Spurg26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

We dont know hat they are woking on

paulhunter25d ago

Shifting focus was in reference to Microsoft releasing one next-gen console (Scarlett) instead of two (Scarlett + Lockhart) as per their original plan.

danny81825d ago

He is talking about Hardware focus. Is everything okay at home?

UnholyLight25d ago

According to Imortus_san only what you officially announce is considered shifting focus, make sure you note this people! Wouldn't want to be working on literally any project without first announcing it because everything must be signalled the moment work begins (looooool)

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Spurg26d ago

I personally think that lockhart is going to be an Xbox one X without the disk drive.

paulhunter25d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if Xbox releases mid-gen refreshes like the S and X.

shaggy230325d ago

If Microdoft does then Sony will as well.

FallenAngel198426d ago

This seems familiar. I still remember how Microsoft greatly diminished Xbox 360’s first party output in its latter years in order to focus on Xbox One.

Now that Xbox One has had for the most part a pretty underwhelming staple of first party titles, consumers are being told once again to wait for another generation of Xbox console in order for Microsoft to really kick things into gear.

AngelicIceDiamond26d ago

Only difference this time around is they have actual new studios, to output 1st party games all through a generation or potentially all through out a generation. Last gen when you had old management, again, they only had one goal and that was a media based console that can play games and even opened (then closed) a dedicated studio for original content of Xbox Tv, and movie. Obviously 1st party development is not in that road map for that sorta goal. To go further back The ground work started 9 years ago with Kinect/casual gaming experiences, with Kinect Sports, Disneyland etc. I ask again how does AAA hardcore block buster games fit anywhere in that road map? It doesn't.

There is one single fact about MS that I've noticed and that's they're very headstrong on whatever goal they want to achieve. Proof?

MS Wanted OG Xbox to:

Be the Strongest console
Have games that complimented its power: Otogi, Phantom Dust, Mech Assault, Gun Valkyrie, Jade Empire.
Push for main stream appeal for Online console gaming: Halo, Burnout series, Midnight Club literally just to name a few.

Earlier days of 360 they wanted more JRPG's: Lost Odyssey, Last Remnant, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon.
As stated earlier they turned the 360 into casual, Kiddy Kinect stuff ans Tv which shifted over to the plans of Xbox One.

Point is, if MS is going into next gen 100% game focused then believed its game focused. We're already seeing the ground work for it already. If MS has been that headstrong about the direction of its Xbox consoles through out history, then what makes you doubt on them delivering?

SCW198226d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Keep sipping that Kool-Aid. This is the same song and dance they have done since halfway through the 360’s life cycle.

Muzikguy25d ago

The way you're talking makes it perfectly clear that MS was NOT for gaming (like say Nintendo or Sony have been) for quite some time yet that's not what people were saying during the period. You make it sound like everyone wanted casual and kiddie Kinect stuff, to have a TV channel based on Xbox, and not want hardcore first party titles. Had all that been true they wouldn't have changed focus. People have been complaining about the lack of first party since 360. Also, the JRPGs was to try and get Japan on board. They weren't solely focused on that

cigi25d ago

Do you remember the “SPARSE” period of the ps4???

AngelicIceDiamond25d ago

"The way you're talking makes it perfectly clear that MS was NOT for gaming (like say Nintendo or Sony have been) for quite some time yet that's not what people were saying during the period."

Correct they weren't for gaming for the hardcore audience. I mean it was pretty obvious

"You make it sound like everyone wanted casual and kiddie Kinect stuff, to have a TV channel based on Xbox, and not want hardcore first party titles."

I'm not making it sound like that's what happen, that's exactly what happen. I'm just proving MS headstrong mentality all these things happened.

"Had all that been true they wouldn't have changed focus."

Well Kinect isn't around anymore and failed, Nobody wants TV in a video game box just as an added option. MS has no choice but to go back to delivering AAA games. Having a console that does other things is fine but to completely change the philosophy of a console is seriously wrong on MS part.

MS being an American company backed out of Japan because they didn't see immediate sales in a L on MS part now they're trying to make up for it and crawl back over there.

My original point was @Fallen said what's different next gen?

OG Xbox Hardcore gaming>360 hardcore gaming>midway 360 casual kinect> continued through casual Kinect TV X1- End of gen> Back to hardcore gaming. Its a pattern MS has going on and MS would set some sort of ground work with each new direction.

yomfweeee25d ago

Phil Spencer was in charge of Microsoft Studios last gen. He doesn't get to shed any blame.

paulhunter25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

This is true, Phil Spencer has been at Microsoft for a very long time, and headed up MS Studios last gen starting in 2008.

rainslacker25d ago

Last gen, they had studios that they pushed to make games for X1, or used 2nd party to bolster the X1 launch window. It's not really much different here, except now they have more internal studios. Not a bad thing, but it's not like Xbox was hurting for games at the start of this gen, and while they slowed down last gen, and focused more on Kinect, it wasn't like they were barren of games, or only had one high profile game per year....except maybe that last year.

So, no, I don't think the situation is different at all, outside the caliber of the studios making games, and it shifting to internal development, instead of utilizing 2nd party heavily.

TheSaint25d ago

If you don't learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.

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AngelicIceDiamond26d ago

@SCW Well instead of side stepping what I said how bout refuting my points or prove that I'm wrong? Quit being scared Argue my points. Instead of these" nope its not real" hit and run tactics that this site infamously does.

If not then I'm right in my findings. Correct me if you can.

paulhunter25d ago

Looks like we'll have Gears 5, Battletoads, Bleeding Edge, and DLC for games like Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 4 to cap off the gen. Looks like that's it until Xbox Scarlett hits next fall.

Segata25d ago

They did this with the Original Xbox as well. It's just MS pattern.

Thundercat7725d ago

Is the same old lying cycle. The same with E3... "wait til next E3".

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Kabaneri25d ago

Honestly it was pretty pointless to buy a Xbox One X.

locomorales25d ago

When Sony announced the PS4 Pro, a year before the Xbox One X, I talked to some colleagues about how attractive it was to buy the new console.

My conclusion was: if you already have a PS4, there are no clear advantages in buying a Pro. But if you are still going to buy a PS4, the $ 100 difference is justified. The same thing goes for the X.

cigi25d ago

The pro is 2.25 times stronger in multiplats games vs the pro coming from Digital foundry. So what is pointless about that.

Gears 5 is 4K 60fps seems ok.

Ricegum25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"So what is pointless about that."

Maybe the lack of games? £350 for Gears of War to look a little better? Yeah some might not say that's worth it.

Mister_Wolf25d ago

This is coming from someone who bought the Xbox One X, it was pointless. I sold it last week. I played one good looking game on it - Forza Horizon 4, stunning game. The third party stuff was largely flat. And to be quite frank, once you've had the console for a week or so, you get accustomed to the graphics, and what you're left with is gameplay. And really if you look at third party games this year and last, it is just open world bullshit, churning out the same garbage year in, year out.

paulhunter25d ago

Yeah, it's pretty much a premium model for those wanting their games to look a bit better.

drpepperdude25d ago

Personally I regret purchasing it since I haven't enjoyed a single exclusive on the platform other than backwards compatibility which lets me play the old Call of Duty's and Battlefields. Its slow boot times and horrible interface makes me miss the PS3 interface. I would sell my X but it's been really devalued as of late and I don't see the point in selling it to GameStop for under $200 (which is less than what I got for my original PS4 a couple years ago).

awdevoftw25d ago

Just like their previous consoles, they will drop it and any support immediately.

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