WorthPlaying Review: Gears of War 2

WorthPlaying: "Visually, Gears of War 2 is certainly a step up. Everything you see is sharper, grimier and more detailed, with the cityscapes and vehicles benefitting the most. Creature design continues along the same lines, though we do get to see new Locusts as well as interact with enemies that were more or less teasers in the first. Aurally, Gears of War 2 is also up to task, with excellent environmental sound effects and voice acting that tops the first. The star of the show is Lester Speight, who serves as the voice of Augustus "Cole Train" Cole. A former football player, Cole is packed with attitude and runs his mouth as often as he fires his gun. Needless to say, the vast majority of Cole's lines had us rolling with laughter.

With the polished controls, fighting through Gears of War 2 is like listening to a symphony of violence. Movement is tight and crisp. Popping in and out of cover is a lot more responsive this time through. Enemies react intelligently to your advances. You'll find them taking cover as well as using flanking tactics when appropriate. The AI is by no means perfect, but it does an excellent job of being challenging rather than simply being hard. This is a key point of differentiation that really stands out on the higher difficultly levels. Playing through the entire single-player experience on hardcore took us about 17 hours. While there were plenty of deaths mixed in there, the vast majority of them felt like honest mistakes. There was never a sense of, "Hey, the game is cheating."

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tatotiburon4055d ago

only TEN hours!! i won't sleep this weekend


Which means it has millions of flaws

Ugly American4055d ago

And I am sure you will find them all and report promptly back to us...

sonarus4055d ago

I remember 360 fanboys singing merrily when MGS4 was sweeping perfect scores left right and center from all sites including the 3 most influential review sources...Game Informer, IGN and Gamespot...Gamespot scored it the same as resistance and so did IGN which is a shame really but Game informer scored it a mere 9/10...those scores are pathetic for the best game of the 360 this yr...even Xbox sites couldn't give it a 10

I think gears 2 is a flop as it is performing below expectations.

tatotiburon4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )


mmmm nop, it's only you because you are a douchbag. the flops are resistance 89% metacritic, haze, motostorm 2 and counting, all games below 89% on metacritic....ouch they are biased right? hahahah

But i understand, you've lost the war again with resistance vs gears, and now you bring up MGS4, that's sad, really.

sonarus4055d ago

Gears 2 is a flop in sense of expectation. Don't lie you expected Gears to get showered with 10's across the board but it simply could not. Most sites have rated it lower than Gears 1. That is a flop by itself

Not to mention that Gears 2 is the best 360 game of the yr but it couldn't match MGS4 scores.
9.2 on N4G metacritic
9.6 look at the almost infinite list of 10/10 thats a game that didn't flop.

Its not its fault though its 360 fanboys that raised it to the leagues of MGS4 only to watch it fall down with a FLOP

Danja4055d ago

Gears 2 will never be in the League of MGS4...shoot will any 360 exclusive ever will be ??

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SacT0wnF1n3st4055d ago

Can't wait for tonight. Let's chainsaw some dudes!!!

JOLLY14055d ago

I am going to the midnight launch, then I have to drivee 2 hours back home.

pp4055d ago

Jealous are we droid now go back like a little kid to LBP.

sonarus4055d ago

How can a game that can't even sweep 10's be game of the yr?

MGS4 swept 10's from all big sites Gameinformer, gamespot and ign which are the most influential reviewers...yet gears 2 shared scores with R2 in all those sites except game informer and i know R2 only scored low there because they didn't want to embarrass gears. Gears 2 is just another 360 did its best but this yr is just full of 360 flops:(

4055d ago
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