Japan Can Now Play PSP Games Online With Their PS3

Delayed last week, available this week. That's how Sony's Adhoc party rolls. The service - which allows PSP owners to connect their handhelds to an ad hoc internet connection through their PS3s - officially went live in Japan today, bringing joy and convenience to hundreds of thousands (and potentially millions) of Monster Hunter owners across the country. Before you ask "US release date pls", don't bother, we don't know.


A video of how it works

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sinncross4048d ago

Excellent feature though somehow I think Sony should have just allowed the PSP to go online via the PS3, thus all online PSP games would work from the start.. i dont see why a separate app is needed but regardless, its a good feature that could potentially help many ppl.. with more games added the value of owning a psp and ps3 only increases.

ThanatosDMC3979d ago

The only thing i dont like is that we cant use our PS3s to use it's wifi. I mean, we can use remote play and still use the wireless internet on the PS3 but we cant use this application?!

But then again it's only in its Beta stage. I hope they somehow fix this since i'm probably not the only one who cant use wired PS3.

Johnny Rotten4048d ago

Man I got so excited I clicked on a Kotaku link! This feature would be sweet especially if you dont have a wireless router.

Raoh4048d ago

they need to make the psp work on G network and not just B

ThanatosDMC3979d ago

I agree, since internet with PSPs are so slow.