Cyberpunk 2077 E3 Demo Ran at 1080p Ultra Settings with RTX On; Visuals & RTX to Improve Further

Cyberpunk 2077's E3 2019 demo ran at 1080p resolution and Ultra settings with RTX on. Optimization has barely been done at this point, though, and the developer also reckons the overall visuals and ray tracing in particular will improve for the final version of the game.

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ccgr26d ago

Can't wait to try this with RTX

ButtAnihilator26d ago

Boy, I wish I had the cash to buy an RTX card. I'm not against RTX, but I'm really mad at how insanely high the prices of the cards are, it's like twice as high as it should be. And what frustrates me the most is how amd are also releasing their navi cards really overpriced. Gpu prices these days are so insulting. I want next gen consoles to come out already so nvidia and amd will have something to compete against on the high end.

rockwhynot26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I don't care how many tears I cry from not having the best of the best nvidia graphics because I'm investing in the new AMD xt cards even though I know they're not as good as the 2080 rtx cards. I'm smart enough to see how bad nvidia dominates the market and I can see how they take advantage of that by over pricing they products. If AMD doesn't get support at this time, there will be no one to stop Nvidia and Intel from continuing to over charge us.

UltraNova26d ago


Kudos to you man, wish more would think and act like you.

rockwhynot26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Thanks Ultranova. I'm no expert in Economics- I got a C in economics back in high school but I think the way it works is there's enough pieces of pie to go around for both Nvidia and AMD. Can't both companies exist and be profitable? Or does one have to squeeze out the other in a duopoly? Both Apple and Microsoft are obviously insanely profitable organizations while they both notably have an operating system duopoly in the home computer industry. It seems to me for the enthusiasts out there who can afford it, please go ahead and buy an AMD card and then resell it used on the internet, take a small loss and then just go right back to owning their best of the best 2080 graphics cards that they want. That way AMD can at least continue to stay competitive until they are finally ready to offer a true elite gpu that even the most demanding gamer can't refuse.

AMD's CEO Lisa Su is super cool and guiding the company in the right direction for their shareholders, employees and customers.

MarkyMark8925d ago

@rockwhynot I feel AMD is heavily focused on the CPU side right now, with the 3000 series chips they are really sticking it to Intel. I don't mind the price gap between Nvidia and AMD as crazy as that might seem to sum. But I feel the price justifies the performance difference. I mean AMD is finally trying to compete with Nvidia's top cards, and the AMD ones are priced roughly $100-200 difference to the card they are competing with,all while getting beat in every benchmark. Intel compared to AMD is a different story but this is just my personal take on it, I can get a AMD chip that performs as good or better for a huge price difference compared to the GPU side of things. Intel has been given their RIP note by AMD, they better bring it price/performance wise with the next chips or team red will be the new CPU king. I just don't trust the brute force tactic they take with GPU's hasn't worked out in what,4 years and they keep beating that dead fish over and over. They need to learn to work more with the devs and truly make the product stand out like Nvidia does with their high end cards.

NiteX25d ago

I got my 2080 for just $600. If you look hard enough you can find great deals.

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Shane Kim26d ago

In Sweden it cost over 1800 usd. It's crazy.

Gwiz25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

@rockwhynot pretty sure it's a 2080ti.
Actually found something even higher

rockwhynot25d ago

Man I remember 10 years ago when the best gpu on the market, the 9800 gtx, cost $350 brand new and it did everything a gamer could possibly ask of it.

Jackhass26d ago

Definitely looked great on the big demo screen!

Ausbo26d ago

I might get disagrees for this, but I was hoping this would launch with the new consoles.

It would be great to see how a ps5/Scarlett could run this game. I’m sure there will be a patch for it down the line, but it’ll probably be finished by then

Si-Fly26d ago

Just buy a PC with an RTX card if you want to see how a next gen console version will look :D

Ausbo26d ago

I prefer console over PC though

Stanjara26d ago

Yeah, just give 1500-2000$ for rtx on

harmny26d ago

If console gamers think they'll get rtx with the new consoles they're delusional. Consoles barely can hit 30fps as it is and they want literally the most expensive thing to render to date.

Sophisticated_Chap26d ago

You need to have an RTX 2080 at minimum to get just half- descent performance. You need an RTX 2080 TI to get proper performance, and here in Canada, that will set you back a cool $1,600.00 give or take. RTX is not worth it at this point.

ButtAnihilator26d ago

I prefer PCs over consoles any day of the week, buy buying the RTX cards at their current prices is just burning money. They're REALLY overpriced, you have no idea what margins nvidia is making with those cards.

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--Onilink--26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


Well, MS did confirm Scarlett will have hardware accelerated ray tracing, so its not really about believing or not. It will happen.

To what extent? Who knows...
will it be on the same level as what is seen on PC right now? Probably not.. then again, would you have said that next gen consoles would have significantly better loading times than PC next gen? I really doubt that, and yet its going to happen.

We dont really have any idea how AMD is doing ray tracing or even how much has nvidia optimized hardware accelerated ray tracing for their next set of cards to properly measure what can be expected on that front in next gen consoles

sprinterboy26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Agreed. Tbh I didn't expect any kind of Ray racing on nxt gen consoles so anything is a plus for me, audio or Ray tracing 0.5 will do me

tinchotin26d ago

They also said scarlet can 8k 120 fps, power of the cloud, wait for next e3 like 6 years in a row, dx12 secret sauce, best lineup ever, crackdown is looking good, promised lot of exclusives and then cancelled, you can't flip a switch and deactivate online only gaming, then flipped the switch, and many more things I dont remember right now

--Onilink--26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


They never said it would simultaneously do 8k 120fps, its probably just related to the hdmi setup in the console, as its not just any hdmi that can do those things.

Not really sure how all those other things you mention would be related to the mention of a specific hardware component in the console.

The 10th Rider25d ago

They'll probably be around the specs of the RTX 2060 Super that will be coming out. Real world performance will probably be more like the 2070 Super, due to console optimization.

It'll be interesting to see what devs do for resolution though. That's not really enough to run a game like Cyberpunk in 60fps 4K. I wouldn't be surprised if we either get games 60fps with a dynamic resolution around 1440P upscaled at or 4K at 30fps. I'm not familiar enough with the technicalities of ray tracing implementation, but my guess would be, if possible, they'll selectively implement it.

MarkyMark8925d ago

Big difference between hardware accelerated Ray Tracing and RTX. Just watch the Unreal Rebirth Demo & Cryteks Ray Tracing demo, then compare those to RTX based demo's, the proof is in the pudding. But competition always breeds innovation, so if they think they can produce a Software based Ray Tracing that compares to Hardware based then I am all for it. Maybe down the line I can finally stop buying Nvidia GPU's, pretty sure my wallet would thank me. But AMD is just slacking as of late on the GPU side soooo.. Still have to wait a couple more weeks to really see what Navi is about. But considering the early specs, still pales when put up against a 2080 or 2080ti.

--Onilink--25d ago


I think you are confusing the comparison.

Yes, RTX isnt just Ray Tracing, it includes other things, but the big actual difference is Software Accelerated Ray Tracing vs Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing, which has a significant difference in the performance hit.

Which is why it was a big deal that MS confirmed it was Hardware accelerated and not software based. Though again, the actual scope is very much up in the air

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sprinterboy26d ago

Same buddy, I'm 43 now and normally a 1 playthrough guy (life commitments) but I don't want the game spoiled if I wait for ps5 playthrough (current ps4 base)
I feel this won't play as well seeing it on my Base model and god forbid how it will play on the Xbox S.
I think gamers forget 90% of us will be playing on base models

DigitallyAfflicted26d ago

I agree we need new consoles by 16 of April 2020 with cp2077 in th bundle!!!

sprinterboy26d ago

Mind blown if ps5 was April lol

theXtReMe126d ago

No, I’m absolutely with you dude. I’m not playing this game until the new systems come out. I imagine they will get an upgrade. I can wait.

sprinterboy26d ago

Yep, really enjoyed days gone, but that last 40hrs, south part of the map was dire performance wise (base model) will def be replaying that again on ps5.
I kinda wish I'd waited to play days gone though on ps5, same with cyberpunk, death stranding and tlou pt2.
My Base model ain't gonna do them games justice :(

FITSniper25d ago

I think it's pretty likely that 2077 will get a release on the next gen consoles.

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Asuka26d ago

Wonder how this will fair on an RTX 2070. Hopefully we can adjust DXR settings.

SA9138726d ago

I would think my 2700x with a 2080 ti should kick its ass

thexmanone25d ago

I sure hope so, I luv pc gaming but that's a little out of my price range.

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