GameStop Wants to Be the 'Local Church' of Gaming

Video games are on the edge of a new paradigm shift, as game-streaming services prepare to launch, letting people play instantly—and potentially changing how many gamers get their new titles.

GameStop's EVP and Chief Customer Officer Frank Hamlin says: “Nobody knows how it’s going to end up, but we know that streaming services and subscription services are the future. The question is: How do you reconfigure and rethink the ecosystem to accommodate that in the best way for players? Our whole role is to be player focused.”

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strayanalog26d ago

"If [E3] is the Vatican [of gaming], why aren’t we the local church?” - Because someone usually catches one of you guys taking coins off a dead man's eyelids in the shadow of the steeple.

djl348526d ago

Ain't nothing wrong with that. The dead man doesn't need to coins anyways.

mikeslemonade26d ago

Time to buy some GameStop stock.

Eonjay26d ago

I shall allow this with the requirement that the Dorito pope is named the new leader.

affrogamer26d ago

LOL well...that might be a lil too late.

TeamIcoFan26d ago

Suuuuuuuuuuure, and you can have this guy as your Pope while you're at it.

CurbStompin26d ago



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The story is too old to be commented.