Bleeding Edge hands-on and interview – Xbox's ambitious new fighter

GameCentral plays the Xbox’s newest exclusive and talks to its creator about DmC, punching people online, and being bought by Microsoft.

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SkatterBrain22d ago

Heavenly Sword, Hell Blade, Bleeding Edge, its coo
l how the names tie rogether

lxeasy22d ago

Yeah this game looks really fun too. Ninja Theory has proven multiple times that they can surprise us with great games.

FunAndGun22d ago

They are good devs. I'm jealous of this game being exclusive.

Thundercat7722d ago

This one doesn't look like "a great game".

TK-6622d ago


Care to elaborate?

OzzY-waZZy22d ago


Because the design looks like a clear Overwatch rip? I mean I get that it's "melee" but they could've tried something different than copy pasting the art style.

TK-6622d ago


"Because the design looks like a clear Overwatch rip?"

I'm a prophet! Check further down in the comments and you'll see I predicted this sort of argument. Overwatch was not the first game to have this art style but why is it a negative for a game to look visually similar to Overwatch? The characters definitely don't look like the copies that we'd see in Battleborn or Paladins, and the gameplay is definitely different seeing as it's far more melee focused so I don't understand how the argument applies.

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mark_parch22d ago

the combat looks fun, I'm just wondering if it will have enough content and variety to stay fun


The game looks interesting to me and since it will be on gamepass I’ll definitely try it out.

DaDrunkenJester22d ago

Bleeding Edge isnt exactly my type of game. I prefer a more standard arena style MP over the hero class based MP with super moves and such. Couldnt get into Overwatch personally, but it's on GamePass so I'll give it a solid try and give it a chance.

gangsta_red22d ago

I like the melee aspect of the game. Looks like chaotic fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.