New White Knight Story screenshots

Level 5 published another batch of new White Knight Story screenshots. Check them out.

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xaphanze4052d ago

What do you guys think?

thor4052d ago

If you showed me that thumbnail pic and asked me what platform the game was out on, I'd probably say Wii.

xaphanze4052d ago

It looks like multiplayer. I dont know, but I also think they could be better.

The Killer4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

this story should be reported as spam!

also the picture used in the avatar is not from the ps3 white night stories

thor4052d ago

These are single-player screens, right?

People were saying before that the graphics were toned down for the MP, but I think they were just confusing the shots of pre-rendered cutscenes with those of actual gameplay.

The SP gameplay will look like that. And it's not exactly that impressive on a graphical front.

sinncross4052d ago

some of these screens are multi player but overall they're actually really bad screens.. looks like an old build if u ask me cause other previous in game screens look better then this.. heck the recent game play videos look better then these screens.

ultimolu4052d ago

I think these are from an old build.

LikAChicken4052d ago

I'm am so tired of playing WRPGs from Bethesda. My PS3 is starving for some JRPGs right now, and I'm definitely picking this one up.