Windows 7 promises faster boots and up to 15% better battery life

Engadget writes:

Now that Windows 7 has launched into pre-Beta, Microsoft has joined the world in Vista-bashing as they look to differentiate their newest OS from the incumbent.




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verb3k3660d ago

And devastatingly poor compatibility and more RAM eaten.

SaiyanFury3659d ago

I don't know, i still have an open mind. Yes, Vista had a wealth of problems, but if MS can solve them and get Windows 7 fixed and more compatible then I wouldn't mind taking a look. I'm still running Windows XP and wouldn't mind something newer. I have a fairly powerful PC and could easily run Vista, but driver lockouts and incompatibilities keep me away from it.

xaviertooth3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

promises! promises! promises!!!

that's what these monkeys do for a long time!

pp3660d ago

Awesome Microsoft i'm looking forward to Windows 7.

flappo3660d ago

windows 7 = 3rd rate copy of os-x


Bladestar3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

If windows was an os-x copy... then os-x would be able to run all the software and games I can run on my windows machine... lol! loser! or did you forget the whole purpose of an OS? helps runs programs... and as a gamer... OSX is the last choice...

user8586213659d ago

@bladestar ever heard of bootcamp??

Bladestar3659d ago

@waseem335 - yes.. it an emulator that can't run most games... and can't go near anything that runs DirectX 10...

GWAVE3660d ago

So, Microsoft has once again dropped a faulty product, dropped the early adopters, and has moved on to a new OS? I can't say that I'm surprised...

The only thing that will surprise me at this point is if Windows 7 actually manages to sell well.

kevnb3660d ago

but say whatever you want.

Gam713660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Agree kevnb.

Vista is nowhere near as bad as people say.

Also got the windows 7 6801 beta and was playing gta vice city on it and it ran smoother than it did on my xp partition on mylaptop.
That was with beta drivers for my graphics card vs proper drivers on xp.

I know its only 1 old game but its looking good so far.

When I did the vista beta just getting a game to run was hit and miss.

Not sure on wmp12 but ie 8 is a lot better has some good features that will hopefully get put in firefox

GWAVE3660d ago

@ kevnb

To the general public, Vista is still broken. The majority of people who use Vista dislike it. Those are the facts.

From a technical standpoint, I'm sure that Vista is superior to XP. I've used a computer running Vista "properly" and I was incredibly impressed, but that doesn't negate the fact that the majority of Vista users are NOT running Vista "properly", therefore their perceptions of it will be negative.

season0073659d ago

to the general public, vista is not broken

What do you think they care like 2% redeuced speed for playing games?
or like they plug in new hardware every 2 weeks to see if it compatibles with vista?

The general public are the one who buy PCs or Laptops from Dell, HP, Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba..etc.

The one who are complaining, as far as i know, are still the early torrent pirate downloaders who keep complaining their 1gb PC running VISTA slow..which aren't general public in any sense i am so sorry to inform you

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