Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Includes X-Men & Fantastic Four

The new gameplay trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order reveals three new teams available as DLC.

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PhoenixUp25d ago

More Fantastic Four representation in more games is always a good thing, especially in this series when they always had a prominent role in the story

SpeedDemon25d ago

The game looks good, but would of prefered another X-Men Legends game instead.

Cmv3825d ago

Its built off the exact same concept....

SpeedDemon24d ago

I've noticed. Im just a bigger fan of the XMen than I am the rest of the Marvel characters and I dont like how the difficulty was toned down in the MA games.

Sgt_Slaughter25d ago

There's more money/sales in a complete Marvel game than just X-Men, so I don't see that happening as well as the fact that Marvel Ultimate Alliance is basically a spiritual successor