IGN AU Interview: LittleBigPlanet: The Future

IGN AU writes: "Finally, after what feels like a stop-start lifetime in game development, LittleBigPlanet is available all around our LittleBluePlanet. It's a milestone for the tiny, friendly team over at Media Molecule – and it's also a time for reflection and, in fact, revelry in this playground of theirs, as Producer Siobhan Reddy explains. We sat down with her on a recent visit to Sydney to discuss her thoughts on where the series is heading and the kinds of things we can expect from the company. She also discusses the handling of 'that song' – the controversial lyrics that held up LBP's release worldwide. Enjoy."

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Monkey5213636d ago

Anyways, this was a quality interview. Media Molecule seems to be a pretty humble dev studio. I hope the best for them in the future.

kevnb3636d ago

being full of yourself comes later.

Sharpshell3636d ago

Already I play the game and I play user created levels and I'm like WOW! Thats a great idea I never would have thought of that! And clearly MM didnt b/c its not in the story mode but after they see what people do with LBP I'm sure they will update the features accordingly.

kevnb3636d ago

is make it easier to search through levels. I couldn't even find the level "No Surprises" the other day. They really need to do this soon, or its just going to be a big mess of levels to sort through by tags only (not good enough).

Electricear3635d ago

When you got to the tags search menu, if you hit the Square button it brings up a word search dialog. Type in, "No Surprises" and any level named with those words will show up on your planet.

killer_trap3636d ago

bless them for making this game, they brought so much joy to my heart. and curse them for making me try to finish each level in story mode without dying to unlock things, it's insanely hard. I'd be grateful for some tips.

3636d ago
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