TechRadar: Playing the Wii is good for the heart

And for keeping weight down, scientists say

Wii Fit is good for you, according to sports scientists

Sports scientists at the University of Derby are researching the effects of playing Wii Fit and other Nintendo titles on primary school pupils to see if playing the Wii can assist pupils in losing weight.

"We hope this research will determine if playing on this equipment could actually have physical benefits for children," said Exercise Physiology Lecturer Dr Michael Duncan.

It is a pleasant change from the (mostly tabloid-based) reports that link videogame use among this age group to Britain's so-called "growing obesity crisis".

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gusto4049d ago

So moving around is good for you? Who'd a thought it! Way to go, scientists.

zoydwheeler4049d ago

Eating fresh food is BETTER than eating chips and pies and ready meals, sez FOOD SCIENTISTS FROM LEADING UNIVERSITY....

zoydwheeler4049d ago

It is bad, according to some other scientists.

Sitdown4049d ago

So I guess Nintendo will win the Noble Peace Prize hands down....thanks to this break through discovery. I have been hear rumors that scientist are beginning to think that breathing is good for you too.....has anybody been keeping up with this story?

InMyOpinion4049d ago

According to some scientists sex is also good for your heart. Not only that, some say it feels satisfying as well but that has not yet been proved...

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mchax4049d ago

It still doesn't disguise the fact that sitting on their butts playing videogames was how they got fat in the first place

zoydwheeler4049d ago

They are fat because they have stupid uneducated parents who buy them chips and videogames to keep them quiet, so that the parents can get on with drinking cheap cider and smoking Lamberts.

mchax4049d ago

videogames and chips. mmmm. sweet

zoydwheeler4049d ago

sweets, that is also the reason for the poors' fat kids

mchax4049d ago

you sound bitter zoywheeler. Mummy and daddy feed you too much when you were young? you need to get some wii exercise mate, cut down on your pork life

robotnik4049d ago

Hey guys, what's going on here?

LethalToxins4049d ago

I don't know why, but that cracked me up. Bubble for complete randomness.

Wii Fit tip#1:
Make sure you eat lots of protein. Wii fit is a strenuous game that rips through muscle tissue quickly. Massive amounts of proteins may be needed for the tissue repair.

Wii Fit cautionary notice:
If muscle soreness continues after one month, discontinue use immediately. It may be possible for some to be too out of shape to play this game. Consult a physician for help.

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