The Future of Every Xbox Game Studio

Kaan writes: "Xbox One’s first-party situation has been heavily criticised this generation. Microsoft’s existing franchises like Halo and Fable haven’t been in the best position in the Xbox One’s early years and the console has largely failed to launch any successful new IP either. But in the lead up to the next generation, team Xbox has been making some serious power plays by adding 8 new development studios to their first-party since E3 2018. It’s going to be a few years before we see what many of these studios are working on, so for now, let’s take a look at the state of every Xbox Game Studio."

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Obscure_Observer120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Even more studio acquisition/creation are on the way!

Funny thing is, some of the very same people that used to criticise Xbox, making demands for more first party games and studios, all of sudden want Phil Spencer to stop the studio acquisitions. Lol

It´s like they say: "Be Careful What You Wish For, You May GET IT!"


TK-66120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I was watching a video about the Bleeding Edge leak before E3 and the maker of the video actually suggested that MS should've pulled Ninja theory aside and effectively said "Hey we're going to cancel this game youve been working on for 5 years because we need some single player games".

In that moment I think the hypocrisy I was witnessing caused a brain aneurysm.

With that said I think they need atleast one or two more studios to make for a stable line-up of developers. Unexpected delays can happen and inevitably even with a huge line-up of studios we can see a "drought period". MS said they want to aim for 4 games a year but I think they need more studios to make that a realistic goal.

Automatic79119d ago


The same guys that wanted Xbox to do less talking at E3 and show more games are the same who complain when Xbox show more games and do less talking.

That's why Xbox needs to continue to execute games and forget all the rest. The acqusitions they have will produce some quality titles.

A while back a rumor came out claiming Xbox was aiming for four first party studio games a year. If Xbox adds a couple more Studios they are not that far off from accomplishing goal.

KionicWarlord222120d ago

Microsoft aint playing around no more.

Gloves is off.

Automatic79119d ago

Well said Kionic. Welcome back. We need more Xbox gamers on this site.

timotim119d ago

Not going to lie...that's a pretty good lineup of studios right there.

Poopmist119d ago

I'm just excited for what Tim Shafer, inXile, Obsidian, and Ninja Theory will do with bigger budgets.

gangsta_red119d ago

I'm curious to see Obsidian's next game. I want them to make another Pillars but this time with a bigger budget.

I had a lot of criticisms about the first one but it's nothing some first party MS money couldn't fix.

timotim119d ago

I dont know...maybe something like KotOR 2 but in the Pillars universe...that would be awesome.