22 years later, no James Bond has captured the magic of GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 was an FPS that came along at the perfect moment and had an explosive effect. No James Bond game has captured that magic since, or most FPSs.

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PhoenixUp28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I’d argue that after all this time no James Bond game has captured the spirit of James Bond itself.

When I think of James Bond in a videogame, I’d immediately think of something more like Metal Gear, Hitman or Splinter Cell than an FPS. Goldeneye was great for what it is, but I wouldn’t expect the entire future of any game based on the James Bond license to be an FPS just because Rareware hit it out of the park that one time with the property.

In fact I’d argue that chasing after Goldeneye’s ghost does more harm to the license than good in this medium since it’s virtually impossible to replicate or even make a better experience than the 1997 classic. If another James Bond game does get made I’d hope they do something creative and new with it rather than try to recreate what made Goldeneye great decades ago.

27d ago
PhoenixUp27d ago

Yes Goldeneye was a great title, but we really don’t need another James Bond game to ape its style. Trying to chase after it will just make any new attempt pale in comparison

Best to do something new with James Bond instead. Goldeneye is put on such a pedestal that it’s impossible to have another JB game just like it, as the divisive remake can attest to. Best to create your own pedestal

Relientk7728d ago

I loved Agent Under Fire and Nightfire.

lptmg28d ago

Even though I think Goldeneye is the better game, I sincerely think Everything or Nothing was the one with the greatest Bond atmosphere. Hell, it had Willem Dafoe as a villain

Benoski27d ago

I'd say the two games that ever got close to being as great as GoldenEye were Nightfire and Everything or Nothing.

Both were made by EA as well, which is astonishing and baffling compared to who they are today.

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